Monday, September 19, 2016

Not your ordinary Ghost Writer

Living Anonymous by Shataya Simms

5 out of 5 stars

I absolutely loved this book!!!! I started it on Sunday morning and stayed up until 1:30 am to finish it. I could not go to sleep without finishing this book. It keep me interested, nervous and excited throughout the entire book!

I liked that Shataya didn't spend a lot of time on the Aneesah's childhood neglect. She gave us exactly what we needed to understand the situation and moved on from it. I liked how every time I got comfortable with where the story was headed, Shataya would completely shake it up. There are a lot of things that I wasn't expecting in this the return of Rita, Capree's secret, Vic's secret, Nyce's secret, and a whole lot of other excitement in between.

This is a coming of age story about overcoming obstacles, surviving heartache, and learning to love again. You fall in love with all the characters, good or bad, you develop a real connection to them. Sometimes you want to fight, cry, scream or drown in their depression with them. It's a love story on a roller coaster ride until the very end!

Oh, did I mention it ends in a cliff hanger? The best cliff hanger ever, but yet and still a cliff hanger! And that was the only thing I was mad about...that I couldn't continue this story. Shataya Simms did not write this book like a new author...

~Tiffany Britt
(556 Book Chicks)

More than just girl talk...

The Girls by Kenni York

5 out of 5 stars

When every chapter drags you deeper and deeper into their drama! You can't help but to become consumed with this book. Friends trying to survive and shine on their own, but falling into traps along the way. We all have a friend that ends up being everyone's mother (Jada), the one that has a man in the street and she is determined to be his ride or die (Stephanie), the wild one (Candace), the one that keeps all her problems bottled up (Meredith), and the spoiled one (Alex). All different, but yet they are still friends - for now!

This book brings so much drama! Page after page of drama! And it's so well written that it continues to drag you along and pull you in. It was so many times I screamed and cringed and questioned what the heck was going on. From quickie marriages to trying to get pregnant to not trying to get pregnant. From loving husbands, to loving best friends who want more than friendship, to loving jerks that aren't worth it. From selling drugs, to doing drugs, to committing murder. From cheating spouses, to spicing it up in the bedroom with a little swinging, to sleeping with someone that breaks the girl code. And the ending was such a shocker!!!!! I'm still floored. Seriously, this book has everything!

I love when I go into a book not expecting anything and I come out with everything. This book was so well written and I loved how each friend got to tell her own story. I absolutely could not put this book down...I finished it in one day!!!

~Tiffany Britt
(556 Book Chicks)

Friday, August 5, 2016

Boss Love

The Love of an East Atlanta Boss by A'Zayler

3 out of 5 stars

I wasn't that wrapped up in this book at first. It took me a while to like get into it. I wasn't bored, I just wasn't excited either. But I loved me some Esso and his way of thinking. He was the balance to all the crazy stuff that was happening. He always had some truth to spill. Hell I was highlighting some of his stuff on my kindle. LOL! Real is real and knowledge is knowledge. I laughed and cringed every time Sonic started counting, because I didn't know if he was gone calm down or start beating the shit out of someone.

I think the book picked up when he stumbled across Jet and later realized they had history. It was a fast friendship turned relationship. She was quick to turn hot when she felt disrespected and I liked that she kept Sonic on his toes. She refused to let him walk all over her and treat her any kind of way. But at the same time she had this mystery man, and I'm waiting to see why she can't let this fool go.

So we are at the end and I am slowly getting into the book. My interest is beginning to peak a little more. But it's not until Jet is standing in the lobby of this Miami hotel with Sonic's boss that I knew something was about to pop off. But then the damn book ends...

~Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

More Like Social Experiment...

College Life 102: Social Learning by J.B. Vample

5 out of 5 stars

The second book is even better than the first! Chasity is still mean as ever, but she loves her circle of friends (even if she won't admit it). Malajia is still special as hell. Emily still letting her mom control her. Alex is still trying to mother hen everybody. But Sidra! Oh we get to see a different side to her this semester. She may be prissy and proper, but she will put them paws on you if necessary! That whole fight scene and the girls ending up in campus jail..was just like what!!!! Did this really just happen?

The whole prank war - boys vs girls - was absolutely hilarious! The stupid stuff they were doing, I was like settle down children! But the rolling on the floor moment for me..was the weekend at Malajia's house. I think I read this part over and over again, it was so darn funny! So they are all staying the weekend with Malajia as a part of the get to know your friends better routine. Anyway they decide to play Hide-N-Seek in the dark at 2 am. OMG I was crying laughing when Mark and Malajia broke up all her parents stuff and her dad started going off on them. I was literally in tears laughing!!!

You get to know the crew a little better this semester. I like how they rallied together when they were all faced with a difficult school evaluation. So I am waiting to see what the deal is with Alex's ex and this so called friend from back home. There is something definitely shady going on with this situation. And I am dying to know who is rooming together next semester! I am so wrapped up in their lives...waiting on book 3 is torture!

~Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

Welcome to Freshman Orientation

College Life 101: Freshman Orientation by J.B. Vample

5 out of 5 stars

Honey these heffas is something special in this book! OMG they all need to be committed to an institution other than college. LOL! Chasity just mean as hell, but she is also my favorite character thus far. Malajia needs too much damn attention, and I absolutely hated her throughout most of the book. But as self centered as she was, somehow she grew on me and became a fave towards the end! Ugh the struggle! Alex had time to fix everyone, but herself. Sidra is the normal one, which confuses me a little, but hey we all need one normal friend in the bunch! And Emily just needs a backbone, a new wardrobe, and some guts to tell her mom to back off. Add to the mix their guy friends and this book is the total package.

This book takes you back to being in college and having to forge friendships with people who wouldn't necessarily be in your circle. Old friends became new friends again and solo people became a part of the circle. It was an amazing story of friendship and having each other back whether you want to or not. Now don't get me wrong it was a lot of bickering honey. I'm talking down right nasty feuding in this book. Secrets get revealed and secrets get half told. Lots and lots of drama! And straight up laugh out loud moments.

I'm dying to know if Chasity's mom and aunt's secret is revealed. And if her and Jason finally hook up! If Emily steps out of the shadows and finally becomes an adult. And I don't know why I keep thinking Malajia is going to hook up with the guy in the group we would least expect.

With all that...I must 2 is calling my name!

~Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

556 Book Chicks Presents

2016 Atlanta Kick Back Authors & Vendors

AJ Write

K.F. Johnson

Quisha Dynae
Arlene Brathwaite

Kea Nevaeh

Rhonda McKnight
B Abby

Keesha D. Fox

Bianca Harrison

Kellz K. Publishing

Royal Nicole
Blacc Topp

Kendra Reeves

Sage Young
Bri Shante'

Kenni York

Shan Presents
Bridgette I'esha

 Kiara Jonai'

Shana Burton
Brown Girls Books

Kimyatta Walker

Christie Black-Murrell

KR Bankston

Shani Greene-Dowdell
Damon E. Johnson

KS Oliver

Shataya Simms
Danielle Bigsby

Ladora Luv

Danielle Marcus

Lady J

SheerBoss Cosmetics
Denell Porche'

LaQuita Cameron

Shmel Carter
Donnelle Floyd 

Passion Publications

Dwon D. Moss


Simplee Kish
Ebony Smith


 Sotaboo Handbags
Elle Welch

Michelle Mitchell

Stacey Covington-Lee 
Empress Simone

Mona Altidort

Erica Tameeka


T.R. Baker
First Lady K 

Mz. Leebra Clark

Tamika Tolbert Lucas
Forever Redd

Nicole Scott

Tamika Newhouse
Greg Morris

Nika Michelle

Teresa B. Howell
Ivy Symone

Ni'Kay Rountree

Terrie L. Branch
J. Lee the Fabulous

Nikisha Mock

Thomas Long
J. Summers

Phyllis R. Dixon

Tiece Mickens Presents
J.B. Vample

Portia A. Cosby

Tierre Ford
J.R. Mack

Quisha Dynae

Tina Brooks McKinney
Jackie Chanel

Rhonda McKnight

Tina Marie
Joi Miner

Phyllis R. Dixon

Ty'Rae Blaze
K Sherrie

Portia A. Cosby

Y.M. Sheree

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Hunt is on...

Best Laid Plans 2 by Brick & Storm

5 out of 5 stars

I don't know if Brick & Storm had nightmares after writing this one, but honey I was cringing and closing my eyes. When you literally can feel the pain, the Authors wrote the hell out of that book. Them Orlando's some sick individuals!!! And poor Tone is battling the monster within him and his conscious!

I liked how it went back and told the story of what happened before they reached Jewels. You get to see who got handled along the way. And how calculated Caltrone for real how you know everything? This dude is always five steps ahead of them. But honey this Kenya is getting on my last good nerve. She walking around with a bad attitude, getting all emotional and going psycho on the leads, but then Tone keep having to tell her to slip back into her mask. He trying to save her lil arse from getting one of them Caltrone hard learned lessons. She better pay attention. And anyway she should be more grateful to Tone. But I am curious as to what's going to happen between her and the lame she is engaged too. For some reason I feel like Tone gone have to pay him a visit.

On to book 3...but wait...I'm secretly hoping that Tone and Kenya get back together. Look I know I said the heffa get on my nerves, but her and Tone belong together. Whatever don't judge me!!!!!

~ Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)