Monday, September 19, 2016

More than just girl talk...

The Girls by Kenni York

5 out of 5 stars

When every chapter drags you deeper and deeper into their drama! You can't help but to become consumed with this book. Friends trying to survive and shine on their own, but falling into traps along the way. We all have a friend that ends up being everyone's mother (Jada), the one that has a man in the street and she is determined to be his ride or die (Stephanie), the wild one (Candace), the one that keeps all her problems bottled up (Meredith), and the spoiled one (Alex). All different, but yet they are still friends - for now!

This book brings so much drama! Page after page of drama! And it's so well written that it continues to drag you along and pull you in. It was so many times I screamed and cringed and questioned what the heck was going on. From quickie marriages to trying to get pregnant to not trying to get pregnant. From loving husbands, to loving best friends who want more than friendship, to loving jerks that aren't worth it. From selling drugs, to doing drugs, to committing murder. From cheating spouses, to spicing it up in the bedroom with a little swinging, to sleeping with someone that breaks the girl code. And the ending was such a shocker!!!!! I'm still floored. Seriously, this book has everything!

I love when I go into a book not expecting anything and I come out with everything. This book was so well written and I loved how each friend got to tell her own story. I absolutely could not put this book down...I finished it in one day!!!

~Tiffany Britt
(556 Book Chicks)


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