Thursday, June 25, 2015

***Upcoming Release*** Plain Jane

Synopsis: “Why have love and pain when you can just have great sex?”- Natalie Jane Lorin

Some say, once a good girl goes bad, she’s gone forever. However, reality says once a good girl gets laid the right way, she’s a brand-new freak, right? Natalie’s passionless marriage is slowly dying; one day her husband up and leaves without an explanation. Joyclyn , from the bestselling series, The Ultimate No-No, takes a liking to Natalie and seductively brings Natalie into her world of sex, lust, and the game of who can get it. When Natalie meets William David, their sexual chemistry turns into something more than just a one night. Natalie discovers more than just her sexual beast; she soon finds herself face-to-face with true love. Joyclyn’s envy threatens to get the best of her; she wants Natalie all to herself; find out what happens when the game of who can get it turns into a game of winner takes Natalie.

BIO:From teen mom to CEO by the age of 21, Tamika Newhouse launched her first company AAMBC, a media group for black writers, in 2008. She would then start Delphine Publications in 2008 and it independently grossed six figures by its third year in existence. She has authored thirteen novels, for which she won seven African American Literary Awards, one for being Publisher of the Year.
Tamika has been featured in Essence Magazine, VIBE Vixen, Juicy Magazine, Uptown Magazine, and many others, expressing her role in the publishing industry. She single-handedly has worked with well over six hundred authors and has assisted in launching over sixty independent publishing houses. She is the producer of the AAMBC Awards and creator behind the docu-style web series, Lit Ish. With over one hundred books published by this young CEO, she now sets her sights on the entertainment industry. Along with producing her award show and web series, she plans to step into stage and film production.

Find the author:
Twitter @TamikaNewhouse
Instagram @BossladyTamika


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