Monday, June 29, 2015

Raze - No Words!

Forced into underground fighting to survive.....

Raze (Scarred Souls, #1)
RAZE by Tillie Cole

4.5 out of 5 Stars

After my initial thoughts of WTH?  I didn't think I wanted to read this book.  I couldn't see a story I could get through.  Let me say I'm glad I kept reading!!!!!!!!

Three friends Luka, Kisa and Alik, grew up together, each with a different path laid out before them by their parents. They become victims of circumstances beyond their control.  Or was it?  After a tragic death each of their worlds are turned upside down.
Could two halves of one soul come back together?

 "The question is: would they recognize each other's soul?
   Could they find their way back to love...?"

Welcome to hell boy was the only thing he heard from the guard as he was thrown in a dark, rancid basement after being kidnapped.  Wide eyed and shaking uncontrollably with fear, not knowing if he would live or die, he tried to hold down the nausea threatening to erupt. Each day he was abused both emotionally and physically until he was broken.  Was this going to be his future life?  How would he survive?
Forced to fight to survive, he became a killer known only as #818.  Trained to fight day after day where the only outcome was kill or be killed, #818 was in HELL!  He was drugged, raped, tortured and forced into a place so dark even his memory was lost. He didn't know his own name. 

One name on his cell wall, the only link to his past.  The name he wrote so he would see it everyday even as his memory left.  Looking at that name kept both him and his hatred alive. The one name that kept him fighting!  Killing!  Surviving!  The one thing that fueled his desire to one day escape and correct the wrong that was done to him.  
Revenge and hatred  is how #818 aka Raze became unrivaled as a top fighter. 
He became DEATH!

(Okay so now I'm deep in because I want to know the how, when and what the hell happen? I couldn't put the book down at this point!)

Luka's father was the third boss and friends with Alik and Kisa's fathers.  Alik's father and Kisa's father were two of the three Kings of New York.  Kisa's father was the top boss and Alik's father was an enforcer.  Kisa to me was a scared victim being forced into an arranged marriage by her father.  After her soul mate was tragically ripped out of her life she and Alik became a couple.  He was obsessed with her.
Alik and Kisa were each a Mafia Prince and Princess in their own rights. Therefore, Kisa was always being guarded, followed and watched. Even by Alik!!
Can I just say her life was not her own!
Alik we find out was just like his father, sadistic, unforgiving, power hungry and cruel.  He didn't trust anyone especially Kisa. 

Wow understatement!!!!
The mess Kisa went through, IJS!!! What kind of dark place did Tillie Cole have to go to for this book?  Come to the light Tillie is all I could say! LOL!

As this story unfolds you will see how Raze, Alik and Kisa's families intertwine together.  Murder, lies, betrayal, control and power make up this story! Surprises, love, loyalty and trust, makes this a great story you can't put down! 

How does it go "if it's meant to be............"

Kisa and Raze cross paths with each other momentarily. In just that small moment a strong connection is felt by Kisa.  Without knowing him or his name she is determined to find him.  There is something familiar about him. Something is drawing her to him.  Not even her fear of  
what Alik would do if he knew of her attraction to Raze, could keep her from him.

Fate brings them back together and a dark past turns into surprises, both good and bad. 
Raze finally get a chance to correct the wrong, but will it be too late, can he save the life of his soul mate?  Even if he doesn't remember?  Will he ever be the same?

Salute  Tillie Cole, you did that! Please pick up your copy of RAZE.

556 Book Chicks
~ Benita Litmon


  1. Please pick up your copy of Raze, you won't be able to put it down!

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