Tuesday, August 12, 2014

NERO is my hero....

Nero (Made Men) by Sarah Brianne

5 out of 5 HOT Stars

556 Book Chicks could not get enough of Nero...
Seriously I wanted to read this book over and over and over again. Hands down this is one of the best books I have read this year. I still can't believe that Nero was in High School. And I said that I would not read another HS book. I am a total cougar over Nero! What? Don't judge me...read the book you will see. Nero is eighteen years old and he is going to be the next BOSS. I'm talking Mafia Crime Boss - with casinos and all. Nero, Nero, Nero, Nero - I can't stop chanting his name!

Elle and Chloe are just trying to survive their senior year. They have been bullied beyond a normal person's breaking point. And Elle has received the majority of the brutality. She constantly throws herself in the line of fire by trying to protect Chloe. Elle's world collides with Nero when she witnesses a crime, and Nero is sent in to find out what she knows. Seriously, Elle is one of the strongest female leads ever written.

What I loved about this book...even though it dealt with serious issues, it also had great humor. I found myself laughing out loud and texting my cousin throughout the book. Like when Elle and Nero had a misunderstanding and she came to school in her revenge clothing. And as a woman we all know about that...he made me mad so I'm gone show him what he missing outfit. LOL! And Nero's friend Vincent looks like he is praying as Elle is walking by. 'Vincent whispered something else before he opened his eyes. "I was just thanking God for leggings." OMG, I thought Nero was gone beat Vincent's ass for looking at Elle.

My favorite part...I would literally have to tell you about the whole book. I have so many favorite moments in Nero. Nero, Nero, Nero, Nero!!!! Oh hell, I'm chanting again. LOL! If you love an Alpha Male - you will  totally love Nero. From taking care of Elle and Chloe at school, to following Elle to work, to wanting to strangle the rude ass lunch lady - I freaking loved everything about Nero. But not just Nero, you come to love his friends and his family too. Ok. Ok. Ok. Back to my favorite part...So Elle works as a waitress after school some days, and Nero decides he is going to come in and hang out with her until she gets off. Well she is a waitress and she does have to serve everyone, but Nero can't handle it."I don't like you pouring coffee and serving food to all these fucking men. The only coffee I want you pouring is mine." I was looking at the kindle like this damn Nero a damn fool! He don't even want this girl to work. LOL!

Don't take my word for it - just 1-click Nero! You will want to laugh, cry, and strangle the lunch lady...but you will not be disappointed. I want to read the book again right now! And the best part...there is no cliffhanger. You get to enjoy the story and get an ending. But I am sure there will be more Made Men books to come.

~Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

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