Sunday, July 6, 2014

Is the reward worth the price...

The Price of Heir by Niles Manning

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks could not put this book down...
Niles Manning reminded me of my love for Street-Lit with this book. This was my first Niles Manning book and it won't be my last. The Price of Heir will have you minimizing your circle of friends.

I never wanted to skip to the end of a book more than I did while reading The Price of Heir. Not because I wanted the book to be over, but because I wanted to know how Mia was going to get herself out the hot fire before her world exploded.

After the brutal murder of the love of her life and son's father, Cross, Mia is forced into the drug world that Cross controlled. She didn't have a choice, she didn't make the rules to the game, and she didn't have an exit strategy...all she had was the help of Cross' "so-called" friends.

I don't know why Mia didn't follow the connect's advice...he told her to stay away from Cross' old crew. "You go, make money. And I want YOU to do it. Don't pawn it off on one of Cross' old street goons. I never trusted any of those low levels. I want you heading the operation." But Nooooo Mia ran off and enlisted the help of his crew anyway. And she promised them something she would never be able to deliver...the contact for the connect. I wanted to slap her for being soooo damn stupid.

One of my favorite parts...was when Mia finally showed her gangster. Cell owed her money and was trying to make a statement by not paying her. Well Mia and Joe went to pay Cell a little visit. And you will soon find out that when Joe pays you a's never friendly. Well Cell and his crew were not trying to hear nothing Mia was talking about, until Joe crashed through the door. Mia decided to embarrass the one crew member that kept running his mouth. I was cracking up laughing at this scene. "He's ok. He was just volunteering to hold my purse while we sort this shit out with Cell." Mia said as she removed the strap from her shoulder and handed her purse to him. I was so happy that she was finally asserting her authority. #GirlPower. Then she told him that he was not to just hold the purse, but he had to model it. LOL! You talking about taking his street cred...Mia snatched it from him.

The Surprise I was not expecting...OMG there were so many, but the one person I thought for sure Mia could trust...let me down. With each new chapter comes a new threat! Niles Manning brings you life in this book.

~Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)


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