Sunday, July 6, 2014

Exciting and Action Packed...

Broken Dreams (Shattered Lives #1) 
                                         by Rissa Blakeley

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks was not expecting to like this one...
It's like that sometimes when Authors send you a request to read and review their book. It immediately puts pressure on you to like the book. Then there are times you discover a book that you wouldn't have necessarily 1-clicked on Amazon. And the Book Gods are screaming you were handed a gem of a book darling. LOL! My Book Gods often speak with a Southern twang. LOL!

I don't know if I would even classify this book as paranormal. It is, but it is so modern that you almost forget that it is "paranormal." It is so much more's a story about love, forgiveness, starting over, and living life. And it is filled with action! I was a nervous wreck waiting...

Henry was sent to the US to complete a mission. Henry was trained to carryout this mission and he had every intention of doing so until he met Elaina. Then his mission changed to winning over the woman he loved, who had changed his whole purpose.

I loved all the action in this was a page turner. The day Henry and Elaina attended the wedding, is the same day all hell broke loose in the city. Coincidence? No! Word had spread that Henry had derailed from his mission, but Roger was determined that the show must still go on. And so the world was exposed to the virus that caused humans to become undead. Who would escape the cluster fuck alive?

My holy shit moment...Henry, Elaina, Claire (Elaina's best friend) and Nick (Elaina's brother) were in the store looking for gas and supplies...when one of them is caught by an undead. There is also a kid in the store with a shotgun ready to take them all out if necessary. And when the kid tells them what he saw happened...they called bullshit. "I saw him go behind him after he yelled to you, covered his mouth wit' his hand, and put a gun to his head. It's true! Then he bit right down on his arm and was suckin' on it like a vampire!" OMG! I know you want to know who was hurt...and I can't wait for you to find out. But you have to read the book!

The suspense will almost kill you...I knew that Henry had secrets buried deep, but just when you discover one secret another 10 pop up out of nowhere. It's like he could never escape his past, and I found myself feeling so sorry for Henry. On top of all his secrets he has now found himself in charge of keeping his friends alive. Broken Dreams is a must read. I loved every second of it and I can't wait to read part 2.

~Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

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