Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Holy Mutha of Dom's...

Hers by Dawn Robertson

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks is like say what now...
Seriously y'all are sleeping on Dawn Robertson. This lady can write one hell of a book. And what I love is that her female leads are normally strong and independent, especially this Seven. I am telling you Seven is a BOSS BITCH in the boardroom and in the bedroom.

"Let me get one thing straight before we continue with the mountain of business before us. I will not be disrespected, talked down to, or trampled in my boardroom. I am not your wife, or your side piece of ass. I am your boss." 

What I tell you - BOSS BITCH!

What I loved about this book...it was different. We have already established that Seven is a boss, but she is also funny too. 'Fucking God, I hate guys who wear skinny jeans. Whoever thought of making chick jeans for dudes needs to be shot.' LOL! Seven is a FREAK! There has not been a book yet that a woman ROCKED the bedroom like Seven. Even if her sexual taste are too extreme for you, as a woman you can totally relate to Seven. She is playing by her own rules and trying to take over the world. Her heart was broken (by a dumb ass) and yes it made her build a wall around her heart, but it also motivated her to be the best.

I was shocked...honey truth be told I was shocked throughout the entire book. Some stuff I wasn't even sure I was old enough to read, but hunni I kept right on reading. And you will too. The relationship between her and her best friend, Star, was a shocker. 'Our bond goes beyond a special brand of sisterhood. The fact that we dabbled in a little muff diving together is probably the least of the issues our parents bestowed upon us.' Yes Hunni, they get down together and they share....baybbbeeee they be doing some things. But that scene is the club with Levi and Vince....baybeeee you gone be on the edge of her seat waiting to see how that is going to play out. "The gentleman over there is Master Vince. He is the owner of this club, and he will be our dom for the evening." That's all I am going to give you...you have to read the book to see how this plays out!

And then there is Levi...he will rock your book world. I loved me some Levi!!! He was perfect for Seven and he knew how to chip at that ice surrounding her heart. And Seven was enjoying every minute of him "ninja-mind-fucking" her. Even though Seven was not looking for love, she totally fell in it heart first.

You just need to read the story! I am so mad that I had it on my kindle this long without reading it. Standing Ovation to Dawn Robertson for creating Seven and telling us her story.

~ Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

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