Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No More Lies...

That's A Lie by Victoria Klahr

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks don't have clue whose team their on...
I went into this book mad as hell that Seth was back. I was so #TeamBlake. Needless to say everything Seth did annoyed the hell out of me. Not to mention Josie was working my last nerve with her pity party.

This is how my journey with Seth started...
Seth: 'That little smile, however cute and small, is all I need to live.'
Me: Get a life buddy - Josie is getting back with Blake (lots of eye rolling happening here)

Seth: 'This is the girl I've been dreaming about at night for years. She consumes my every waking thought and preoccupies every single dream.'
Me: Would someone let him borrow a pair of balls. Like really dude man up and stop being such a wuss. Josie is getting back with Blake. Freaking loser.

Seth: 'I'm hungry for her. I've been starving without her next to me, and I need her to never let go. I grab her ass, jeans wet from the rain, and lift her up so she wraps her sexy legs around me.'
Me: Hold up, wait a minute this Seth might be better than I thought. Who is that other guy again? Who can remember oh what's his name? Let's get back to Seth in the rain. At this point I am dancing around singing "Go Seth. Go Seth. Go Go Go Seth!!!" LOL!

It doesn't matter if you are #TeamBlake or #TeamSeth you will love this book. You will not want to put it down. Well at times you will want to slap Josie, she is still a pain in the ass. LOL! But her attitude coincides with the lessons of the story. This book is about forgiveness and growth. Being able to turn a bad situation into one you can live with. It's about losing love twice and being able to find it again.

One of my favorite parts...was finding out that even though Seth was out of town working, he was still in contact with Josie's dad. Seth was seeking his advice on how to win Josie back. He had not given up on love with her and it softened my heart for Seth. "I needed to know about you, but I was trying so hard to stop loving you. I couldn't tell you how miserable I was, so I talked to your dad." So what if I may have been crying when I was reading this part. So freaking what!!!

If you haven't guessed by now, I had put on my #TeamSeth shirt. Geez I felt bipolar going back and forth between Seth and Blake. I still loved Blake. I totally felt sorry for him. He was dealt a bad hand and it wasn't his fault. Damn poor Blake. He was so messed up over the pregnancy I did not blame him one bit for calling Josie out at the party. "I'll make sure to double up on the condoms before I fuck your slutty cunt...That way you don't have to worry about killing another one of our babies." I admit it was harsh but I still thought he had every right to be mad at her. She killed his baby because of who Blake's father is and that wasn't fair to him. And yes I had on my #TeamBlake shirt once again. You have NO right to judge me.

The best scene ever...when Josie and Seth are going through their problems and they decide to make each other jealous, but Seth has had enough of her games. 'He keeps walking, backing me up against the tree with the force of his body, but also with the intensity noticeably discernible in his eyes. Once he has me pinned with nowhere to escape...' Oh you thought I was going to give away the entire scene. Chile boo! It only gets better from here. The way Seth has her pinned against the tree making her beg him to touch her - to love her. Crank up the AC because the room will get hot quick! While waving my #TeamSeth flag.

Victoria had me drinking trying to keep up with who team I was on! LOL! But it was so worth it!

~Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

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