Monday, April 28, 2014

I can't get enough of Breck Steele...

Ash to Steele by Karen-Anne Stewart

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks wants more of Breck Steele...
Love - Love -Love'd this book! It is very rare that you love all the characters in a book...but you have that in Ash to Steele. I could not get enough of Breck Steele - he rocked my book world. LOL!

Emma was a preacher's daughter who was suffocating in her small town, and she wanted to make her own way. She decides to move to Boston to work on her art and find herself. During the process she becomes best friends with Jess, but with Jess comes her circle of friends...Breck, Gavin, and Jason (Jess boyfriend).

Why you will love this book...because it is soooo good. Seriously, I could not put this book down. And you will never be able to predict what happens next. Even though I knew Breck and Emma were destined to be together, I loved the back and forth banter between the two of them. Emma wanted Breck, but she was so scared to live her life. But Breck was not going to let her off the hook easily, "I will be inside of you, Emma, doing all sorts of forbidden things that you have never even heard of, and you will be the one begging me just don't know it yet."

My favorite sappy Breck moment...doesn't involve Emma but Jess. Jess was upset about her mom calling and Breck went to find her to talk. And he convinces her to go home and tell Jason her story and why she was upset. "Jason loves you like one of those whipped pansy's who carries his girlfriend's purses around the mall for hours. He isn't the man from that stupid ass animated movie you used to beg me watch when we were kids, but he's a good man, and I'm pretty damn sure he would fight an army for you too." This was a real tear jerker moment for me.

And funny, this book is laugh out loud I said before the banter between Emma and Breck is hilarious.  Breck's inner thoughts are like did he just say that moments. And when Gavin gets Emma drunk at the bar and makes her even more out!

I don't want you to think that Emma is all shy and quiet, because Emma will fight back when necessary. And when she does be prepared because you will be jumping up and fist pumping all over the place. Like when she whipped that Elise ass in the night club. I don't condone violence. Wait I'm totally lying I love a good book fight!!! And this was definitely a good fight. 'When Tonya grabs my arm, and Elise gets in my face, I fight back with all I've got, kicking my foot against Tonya's shin and grabbing Elise when my arm's free, ramming her against the opposite wall.' I'm sorry but Elise deserves everything Emma gave her and more.

I promise you will not be disappointed in this book. You will fall in love with Emma, Breck, Jess and Gavin. Well sometimes I wanted Jess to mind her own business but I had to give her a pass because she loved Emma. I loved how there was no cliffhanger but I was still left wanting more. Like I hope Karen-Anne Stewart writes a book on Gavin and Jess and Jason. I would totally read them.

~ Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)


  1. Thank you for reading and reviewing Ash to Steele; I'm thrilled you enjoyed Breck and Emma's story, Tiffany.

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