Sunday, February 2, 2014

How many times can your heart break...

Shattered by H. D'Agostino

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks falls in love with another one...
We loved loved loved that Author D'Agostino stepped outside of her comfort zone and gave us a smoking new series. Leah and Nick will take you on a wild ride, and just when you think things have settled down they will speed up again. And the best part is it written from both of their POV. I love when I get both sides of the stories and I am able to invest emotionally into both characters.

Leah Carmichael is a runner. No like really she was an upcoming Olympic runner when her dreams were crushed. Nick was her High School boyfriend and he turned down his chance to escape their small town to be with her. Only Leah was not as thoughtful and she left Nick to go and pursue her dreams. 'As I watched her walk away from me for the last time, anger boiled inside. I thought about what I'd given up. I had been asked to come to UNC on a football scholarship I'd been sought after just as much as she had, but I stayed. I let my love for her determine where my future lied.'

Although Leah was not my favorite...I did like that she was strong enough to leave behind her HS Sweetheart and follow her dreams. Even if things didn't turn out the way she hoped, she still was strong enough to leave. Okay so now you wondering why I didn't like Leah...well she was downright selfish. Ugh! She wanted everything to be centered around her...her dreams...her career...her family. Leah Leah Leah (in my Jan Brady voice)! LOL! OMG there was one part were I wanted to slap her damn face. Like really you going ballistic because Nick wants more out of life? Really Leah, really?

My favorite part...when Leah was soaking in the ice tub in the training room and Nick walked in...and he helped her wrap her ankle...and one thing lead to another. 'I began to lower myself back down, but Nick suddenly turned his head and crashed his mouth into mine. As his lips moved across mine, it was as if the last five years had never happened. His tongue snaked out and ran along the seam of my mouth forcing it open. The kiss grew urgent as if he was afraid I'd suddenly disappear. Our tongues battled one another as he reached down and grabbed me behind my thighs, lifting me up, and spinning us so my back was to the wall.' And then he left her little ass hanging...LOVED it. Like that's what she get for running from you.

You will absolutely love Shattered. It is full of love, hope, and forgiveness (oh . It will leave you longing for Part II.

~Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)


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