Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A breathtaking story...

VAIN by Fisher Amelie

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks swoons over this book...
You ever get in that moment where you want to read something different? Like every book you pick up is the same...and you are craving something to change you. I found that in Vain. I am scrolling through Amazon and see it on sale and BAM I found a winner with an author I had never heard of. I love when I strike gold on Amazon.

Rich, spoiled little Sophie Price is the leader of the "cool kids." She has everything a girl could ask, designer clothes, men falling at her feet...yet she is still very unhappy with herself. So when she gets caught with cocaine for the 2nd time, the judge spares no mercy. Sophie is forced to spend the next 6 months at a orphanage in Uganda. Everything for Sophie Price will change...but will it be for the better?

The moment I realized Sophie Price was a bad girl...when the police arrived at their party and she almost talked the cop out of arresting her. 'I threaded my fingers through the belt loop at his waist and brought him closer to me. He fiercely took my face in his and kissed me like he was dying. What an amateur, I thought. Thank God I got dumb one. His hands grappled all over my face as he had no grace whatsoever. If the guy wasn't so sexy, I don't think I could have put up the charade as long as I did.'

One of my favorite parts of the book...when Sophie was entertaining one of her dad's potential business client's son at dinner. The son was a complete gentleman at dinner and had Sophie fooled. But when they went for a walk in the gardens he came on strong and Sophie handled him like only she could...she had this idiot thinking she was into some type of kinky foreplay and he was putty in her hands. 'He grabbed for me blindly and I sidestepped him, making a beeline for the exit of the maze I'd used to visit every day as a little girl. It's where I used to hide from my nannies. What a fool. I made my way from the maze and finally let myself smile genuinely for the first time that night. I threw his clothing in the fountain in the center of the boxwoods and turned around when I heard Devon call out my name.' I loved that she taught that douche a lesson, but it also made her dad want to teach her a lesson. And so Sophie's story began.

Is it bad to say but I was swooning over Ian and Spencer...they were both great men in Sophie's life. And I honestly would have been okay with her falling for either one of them."You've arrested my senses and I can't seem to get enough of you. That's what scares me. I'm so deep there's no getting out for me. You own me, you know?" I bet you thought I was going to tell you who she ends up with. NOT! You will just have to read the book to find out.

The book had me in some point almost ugly crying tears...the situations at the orphanage had my heart heavy, but it also made me happy (if that makes any sense). Sophie was changing and that part made me happy. She was no longer the little spoiled brat that walked off the plane with her $300 jeans on, she was discovering there was more to life. And her revelation had me choked up...'the biggest difference was in my eyes. Before when I saw myself, they revealed nothing but hollow. They were empty. But now, now, they were full of life, full of understanding.'

I could talk about this book forever. It was soooo well written, I could honestly not put this book down. It made me want to do something more (besides reading). LOL! I have to end it here because there is sooo much more I want to tell you...but you need to read this book!

~Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)


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