Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fighting for more than a Win

Fighting To Forgive by JB Salabury

5 out of 5 freaking stars

556 Book Chicks flips out over Blake...
OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! We never thought Blake would swoop in and knock Jonah off the throne, but OH Baby! Blake is everything you are looking for...even when you are afraid to admit it. And when Layla walks into his empty life he doesn't know how to react.

We first met Blake back in Fighting for Flight, when he helped his best friend Jonah save his girlfriend Raven from her pimp daddy! LOL! So now we got Blake packaged up in a HOT book of his own, and we still got to check in on Jonah and Raven...and even Eva's crazy arse.

Back to Mr. "I don't do women with kids." Blake is still up to his old routines...sleeping around and avoiding any forms of commitment. But he is so damn funny you almost forget he is a chauvinistic pig! LOL! 'All three girls from last night. Pushing up to my elbows, I count the legs to make sure. All of them are long, slender, toned, and hairless. Except one. Oh Shit. Please - I wiggle my toes, and the toes on the hairy leg wiggle. Thank God.' As a woman you almost wished it was a hairy man in bed with him, just to teach his arse a lesson!

Layla enters from stage left - single mother, escaping an abusive marriage...she is just looking for a clean start for her and her daughter, Elle. Let me tell you her daughter's legal name is freaking Axelle Rose...seriously how cool is that? Only JB Salsbury would deliver such a rocking name like Axelle Rose (for all you 90's babies that is the lead singer for Guns N' Roses). Any who...Layla walks into Blake's life and both of their worlds are turned upside.

But please don't think for one minute that this book is just about bringing them two together. No ma'am this book has years of lies and secrets buried deep, but OH MY when they surface you can do nothing but shake your damn head. The most jaw dropping moment was when Layla's douchebag husband talks about the night he hooked up with her at the party (that conceived Axelle)...OMG if at anytime you can reach inside a book and strangle someone - he would be your first pick! "You don't want her. She's garbage. Even back in high school, no one stepped up." Let's just say Blake shows him how much he wants Layla.

One of the favorite things about the book is...Blake's subconscious! We loved how JB Salsbury relayed what he was really feeling...Loved it. Like we said earlier Blake is freaking hilarious.

One of our favorite moments...Layla had just shared the life she had with her husband and why she finally left for Vegas with Axelle, and Blake is ready to hunt him down. "Write it down. Address, phone number, social security number, whatever you've got." He taps the pad of paper. "I want it all." At this point Layla is confused she don't know what the heck he is talking about...but don't worry Blake is sure to break it down for her. "Don't want to scare you, sweetheart, but this shit's ending now. Some guys need to be taught a lesson. Your ex is one of those guys. And I'm the man to teach it. Write it down." How can you not love Blake?

There are plenty of tear jerking moments, but one of our eye balling Axelle's 17th birthday party and Blake gets on the stage and sings Guns N' Roses's "Sweet Child of Mine." But it's not the fact that he is singing this song to her that makes you's when he ask Axelle if he could be her dad. Lord, I could not stop the tears from falling. "I love you, Axelle Rose. We have a pretty kick-ass opportunity here. We get to choose who we claim as family. I choose your mom, and you. It's your life, and I'll be here for you no matter what you decide. It's your choice." Damn it man, I need some tissue right now!

Stop waiting...1-click Fighting to Forgive now! You will not want the book to end, believe us you will be begging for more Blake! There is so much to LOVE about this book! A standing ovation to JB Salsbury on a great sequel.

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