Thursday, October 31, 2013

OMFG so not what we expected...

Lovely Lies by Lashanta Charles

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks Scream...
We cannot put this book in the category of street-lit. Lovely Lies is definitely a cross-over book for everyone to enjoy. It is a love story filled with jealousy, abuse, tragedies, lies and surprises ...honey it has it all. We could not put this book down. This book catches you from the first chapter and holds on to you until the very last sentence. We were literally trying to keep our eyes open last night so we could just keep reading more. Seriously anyone can relate to this story...

Makynzee is a former gymnast, who is struggling to find her own way. Tired of fighting with her mom she is working hard to move into her own place and enroll in college. We love Mak because she is strong and independent. She doesn't make excuses about how hard her life is...she just keeps it moving. She does have her best friend to help her through tough times. Jaida is wild and crazy - total opposite of Mak, but she is loyal and that is all that matters. Makynzee lands a job as a barmaid but keeps pushing the owner Kalil to let her strip. We have to say this, Tiffany's alter ego wants to be a stripper! LOL! We do love books that involves a little strip tease! #Don'tJudgeUs

Kalil is not trying to let Mak be a stripper in his club. He wants to make Mak his woman and how would that look - his woman stripping in his club? Hmmmmmm! I love how Mak makes him work for her! She even convinces him to let her strip one night!!! And baybbbbeeee you will read this scene back a couple of times. It is definitely a "HOTT DAMN" moment in the book. 'Within seconds she's upside down using only her hands and arms to push herself up and down the pole. Her feet are crossed at her ankles with her knees bent and that ass is still jiggling. My knees get weak. I'm definitely a little bitch for her and I should probably sit, but I can't move. I might miss something. She lets herself stay upside down. Her left elbow is wrapped around the pole and her right arm is stretched out with her hand on the pole. Her legs are pointed straight up towards the ceiling. She rolls her stomach, ass, and legs as though she's a worm. Is this shit real?' Ha! That is all we are giving better log on to Amazon! From that moment Kalil was Mak's man and he was not going to let her go.

Now what kind of story would this be if everything was easy breezy!!!! Makynzee finds herself with a stalker, and baybbbeeeee Nyeem is popping up everywhere. So Kalil comes up with the dumbest idea ever - fake a fake attack on Mak day. Well hello someone had already tried to....nevermind we can't tell everything. So back to Kalil and his dumb idea. He wants his brother, Kaeden, to pretend to attack Mak. Well let's just say they got exactly what they deserved...both of them. And we were dying laughing when she served it to them on a platter. 'She slaps me. I mean slaps the shit out of me. It makes my eyes tear up. I try to remember if I've ever been slapped this hard.' 

But besides from his dumb idea...we LOVED Kalil. He was different from jump. He was sooo respectful to Makynzee and always looking out for and KJ (his son). Come on he helped her open Rockstar 101 and Rockstar 102...he was damn near perfect. So where does the drama come in...Jaida is with Donte but she's making googly eyes at someone else (Oh Hell No), Jasmine (Kalil's baby momma) has lost her every loving mind (Oh we were ready to kill her), Kalil has a side job that no one talks about, Mak's family secrets are surfacing, and don't forget she is still getting stalked by Nyeem. But whooooooo wait until you find out who Nyeem is related to...Lawd we have so many secrets we want to tell. We promise you will not be disappointed with this book...but we have to warn you it has a cliff hanger....but we will leave you with this much...

"He's the bitch of the bunch. He ain't gone do shit."

Just one more thing...if Kalil is not whooping Donte's ass in the beginning of book 2 - we gone have a problem. Now go read the book!!!! We can't praise Lashanta Charles enough for this Fantabulous Book! The story line was well thought out - every idea was pieced together perfectly - great editing! Just an awesome MUST read book!

~Tiffany & Benita (556 Book Chicks)


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