Monday, October 14, 2013

Driving me damn crazy...

Driven (Book# 1) by K. Bromberg

4 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks Drools:
Yes, we are freaking drooling over Colton Donavan! He is so darn sexy it is intoxicating. Driven got added to the must-read-book list because everyone was talking about it...our co-worker Katie Doxey confessed that she read it and then read it again. LOL! So of course we had to figure out what all the hype was about. We think the majority is over Colton Donavan! Of course he is a man that would rock your book boyfriend world.

'Dark and brooding, a little rugged with the dark shadow of hair on his jaws, and an intensity to his eyes that makes you feel as if he's unapproachable. Unpredictable. The broad shoulders and sexy swagger. The bad boy who is too handsome for his own good mixed with a whole lot of reckless. The rebel women swoon over and swear they could tame - if they had a chance.' You ready to 1-click the book right now just based on Colton's description alone...hmmmmm!

Reserved and shy, Rylee Thomas, does not need any life altering interruptions in her life. But when Colton Donavan comes whirling his way into her life - she loses all her self control. As all the infamous book boyfriends, Colton has plenty of issues to overcome. But will he drag Rylee into the darkness with him or will she pull him into the light? 'When I feel like I'm seeing the true Colton Donavan - the unmasked version with a vulnerability that makes me want to reach over and take away the hurt that often flickers through those green eyes and make it better. To show him that love and commitment is possible without complications. That it is real and pure and much more powerful then ever imagines when it is built and shared between two people.'

Colton is a contract, NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) type of guy. He does not do relationships because in his mind he is not worthy (awwweeeeee). Rylee knew this so it pissed us off the more she pushed him to define their relationship. Seriously chick - he is taking you on dates, texting, calling, staking his claim - damn what else do you want from him? Does anyone know how to go with the flow these days? But here's the thing, Rylee is running from her own secrets of the past...she keeps twisting that damn ring on her finger! Ugh!

What we loved besides Colton...we loved what Rylee was doing for the kids. We loved the boys that she took care of and we loved how they were intertwined throughout the story! Especially Zander - how can a character make you want to adopt him?!?! And the way Colton came in and made a huge impact on little Zander - Lawd, we tearing up just thinking about it again! On another note...Rylee's best friend, Haddie, is a rockstar! We loved her...she was funny and sarcastic - a girl after our own heart!

Wait...wait...wait - we freaking loved the music references. It has you adding songs to your iTunes playlist or just searching for them on YouTube for a listen. K. Bromberg has great music taste - from Pink to Taio Cruz to Adam Lambert to Usher! Did we mention we loved the playlist in this book?

Of course it wouldn't be a good book if there wasn't someone you were wishing a slow death upon. And my oh my - that award goes to Tawny - a real bitch and a half. "I've seen enough of his hussies come and go to say that I'll give you two months tops, doll. You'll be out of his bed and his life before the first race of the season." Right then Rylee should have slapped the taste out of Tawny's mouth.

We were literally holding our breath...when Colton had a nightmare about his past. Of course Rylee is there in bed with you know where this is leading. He was so embarrassed that this was happening in front of her...he couldn't collect himself fast enough. Rylee is wondering what she can do to help him and he is trying to think of something to push her away. But we were not expecting this kind of reaction from had us cringing. Just wait until you read it for yourself...

"I'm bored with you already. Can't you see that? You've served your purpose. A quick amusement to bide my time. Now I'm done. Get out!"

We hate to leave you like this...but this is how K. Bromberg left us...HANGING!!!!

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