Monday, September 16, 2013

Reading thru blurry vision...

A Moment by Marie Hall

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks get emotional:
Talk about emotional - emotional - emmmmoottttiooonaaal. I have to say at first I wanted to put the book down because my first thought was this is going to be too depressing! Well let me just say that I could not put this darn book down!!! You become so engrossed in this story you forget about the world existing around you.

Liliana is a young mother of an Autistic child, pregnant at 14 years old, her life has not been easy. She is working hard to finish college and care for her sick mother. There is no time for anything else - especially another man that could walk away just like her father did. Until she meets Ryan... 'He silences me with one of his drugging kisses. The ones that make me forget what day it is, what school I go to, how to breathe properly.'

Then there is Ryan. OMG I can't even begin to tell you how deep he is story really have to read it. Ryan is an ex-military - now fighter - and he is running from his past. And it will have you cringing and in tears. OMG - OMG - OMG! But he is not the only one carrying around this burden - his cousin Alex has declared himself Ryan's savior. So every Valentine's Day the secret is not only destroying Ryan, but it is also destroying Alex. When Alex introduces Ryan and Liliana, she too becomes part of team save Ryan. Everything is going great until it's almost V-day again, and the past is back to torment Ryan and destroy their relationship.

What we loved about this book - it's real! It is a fictional book with a real life story. When you are reading this book you can feel the pain, the love, the need to change. At some point it's like watching a Lifetime Movie. I am warning you to grab you a box of tissue because this story touches your heart. I love the way Ryan becomes Javier's father. He finds ways to communicate with this child and it melts your freaking heart. Now picture this...Javier does not liked to be touched, so when he almost falls at the ice skating rink but it is Ryan who he reaches for and it so sweet. 'One instant Javi's getting ready to eat it; the next, Ryan is reaching out with his hand. I cringe the moment their hands clasp and they make skin-to-skin contact. I hold my breath, waiting for Javi's screams...Javi doesn't scream. And he doesn't let go...Javier's holding his hand, not looking at him, but hanging on and smiling as he skates with Ryan around and around and around.' 

The scene that broke me down - when they are grocery shopping and Ryan runs into his dad. My fists are curled in tight balls at this point. I can't breathe...I didn't know what to expect. And his father starts to tell him how worthless he is and how he should have made the mom have an abortion. I swear I was seeing RED! 'Sometimes when someone tells you a sob story you think it can't honestly be bad, right? But this is worse. How can a man just look at his son like that? With such contempt and scorn, such hate? It's visceral and biting and I want to slap the smug smirk off the man's face.' Believe me if I could prepare you more for this particular part of the book. I would...but there is nothing that can prepare you for this evil man.

I can't really tell you things without spoiling the book for you. You need to read the book! Marie Hall does a great job telling this story of hurt and break through and leaves you smiling! 'And when he whispers my name again, I know in that instant he'r ruined me for anyone else. Because this is love. And it's beautiful.'

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