Saturday, September 14, 2013

Have we read this before????

Dark Desire by Emily Jane Trent

1 out of 5 stars

Read and Reviewed by Tiffany only...If the other ladies read it we will keep you updated on their opinions

556 Book Chicks blank stare:
I really, really hate to give bad reviews. A lot of times we just won't write one...but I guess it's kind of unfair to our followers if we not giving our honest opinions.

And it wasn't that I hated the book - it was more like I had already read the book! And I don't usually read the book overview before I start reading...well because I like to be surprised about what direction the book is going in. But this book was just a been there done that and now they have a movie coming out next year. Yes, it was a bootleg Fifty Shades of Grey! Sorry that was really mean, but it is oh so true in my opinion. And then there are 7 more books - UGH...Really?

Natalie Barker bumps into Tanner Clarke at a concert her senior year of High School and their paths don't cross again until years later. Natalie is trying to make it in the fashion world, while Tanner is a multi-millionaire that is in control of the industry. Tanner has been controlling Natalie's life from a far - unbeknownst to her. So it isn't exactly an accident when they run into each other again in a dress shop in NYC. Sounds interesting...well it goes into repeat fast!

Tanner is a dominant - OH WOW big surprise. I just thought you were controlling her life for no reason.

Natalie is a virgin - REALLY?!?! Every Dominant wants their own little virgin (especially since Christian had one). But what kills me is he has been keeping tabs on her all these years - so why was he surprised she was a virgin? Ugh!

Natalie has never been a Submissive - SHOCKER!!!! But you are willing to try because Tanner does it for you - right? I mean and it worked for Ana Steele and Christian Grey right? Uggggghhhhh!

And of course they are going to start slow with some Vanilla Sex - well how else will you ease her into her submissive role? Ugggggghhhhh Ugggggghhhhhh Ugggghhhhhhhh!

Seriously the book made me want to scroll through my kindle and find the original blueprint! It was a novella and I could not read it fast enough so I could move on to my next book.

But I have to say I am curious to read the next couple of books before I completely dismiss the series...Book #2 might be a great rebound book! Who knows....

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