Saturday, August 17, 2013

You will RUSH to read this book...

Rush by Maya Banks

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks Chat:
A round of applause for Maya Banks - what a great way to start a series! We knew this series would be a winner - when it was the topic of discussion at a Pure Romance Party!!!

A book about three successful business men - extremely attractive, wealthy, best friends running a business together. You can only go up from that point!

Gabe "the business closer" of the three friends has his eyes set of Mia. He has waited years to have her underneath him, patiently waiting for the right time to pursue her. Did we mention Mia is the younger sister of his business partner and best friend Jace!

Gabe battled with the consequences of Jace finding out, but we already knew which head would win in the end. 'She was an obsession, and it made him uncomfortable to admit, but she was a drug in his veins he had no desire to cure himself of.' But don't think for one minute that Gabe preyed on Mia. She wanted him for just as long...maybe longer. 'He didn't simply kiss her. He devoured her. He possessed her with just a kiss. In that span of time, she was owned completely by Gabe Hamilton.' But we loved Mia because she was a spitfire! Gabe has his work cut out for him with Mia.

We have to tell you about our two OMG OMG what the F%&! moments...but first did we mention Gabe gave Mia a job as his PA and her only job requirement was no panties at work! LOL!!!! Sounds like a dream job to us! Sexy Boss + No Panties = BEST JOB EVER!!!!!

So back to our OMG moments...1. Gabe and Mia are in Paris on a "business trip" and Gabe is in a battle with his heart. He loves Mia but doesn't want to admit it. So what better way to prove it than to offer her to someone you see where this is going! BAD IDEA - VERY BAD IDEA!!! We could not believe this was really happening! Holy Shit Batman! 'Charles Willis circled her like a waiting vulture, his eyes feasting greedily on Mia's naked body. Gabe's stomach clenched when Charles's fingers trailed over her belly and up to her breasts.' I bet you thought we were going to tell you how it plays out...NOT!

After the Paris nightmare, Gabe is finally ready to admit he loves Mia (or does he). So they  are hot and heavy, ready to confess to Jace, but it doesn't work out the way they plan. 'She twisted restlessly, straining against her bonds, all the while arching her ass upward as if seeking and wanting more.'  And in walks Jace...we know - we know - OMG - OMG - OMG - OMMMMGGGGG!!! How embarrassing for Mia for her brother and Ash to catch her ass up with Gabe. *Faints and walks away...smdh*

Time to face the music Gabe! No - he takes the coward way out which makes us scream! But we freaking love Mia's response to him..."If you ever wake up and see the light and decide you want me back? You're going to have to crawl." *Fist pumps you go girl*

Does Gabe take the crawl of shame? You better get your copy of 'Rush' to find out!

Maya Banks you had us at hello! We loved the book!

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