Saturday, July 27, 2013

Too HOTTTTT for the Courtroom

The Law of Attraction by N.M. Silber

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks Speak:
Honestly if we had not received an ARC of 'The Law of Attraction' it could have easily slipped right past our "To Read List." We are so happy we had the chance to read this book - it was AWESOME!

556 Book Chicks work in the Criminal realm of the legal world, so of course we were like been there see it every day. Nothing can surprise us in the world of criminal activity...we live it 5 days a week! LOL! 'The Law of Attraction' was nothing like we prejudged. First off N.M. Silber doesn't spend time explaining legal courtroom mumbo jumbo (thank goodness), but when they are in court - the cases are so sooooo hilarious and the attraction between Gabrielle and Braden is smoking HOT!

Gabrielle was funny and down to Earth. She had to have a sense of humor working for the Public Defender's Office. As much as she wanted playboy, Braden, she made him work for her. He had to agree to date her first (you go girl - train that man)! She made it perfectly clear that she would not be another notch on his belt. It's been a while since we have actually liked a female character, but we loved Gabrielle! Although Braden is hot, Gabrielle can hold the attention in a room (Go Gabrielle)! Did we mention that we are so excited to have a female character whose name we will remember! LOL!

Gabrielle is super funny! The things she thinks in her head (especially the first time her and Braden have sex) are hilarious! When you see Harvard she is referring to Braden! She thinks like this... "I looked down and for the first time actually saw what I had been working in those interview rooms in the courthouse. My eyes grew wide as my mouth popped open. Holy freaking moly! Harvard really was well endowed!" And our favorite, "Christ on a cracker! Harvard was going down."

Of course we love Braden too...but we are holding our opinion until further investigation (meaning Book# 2). Now don't get us wrong, we totally love him with Gabrielle, but we hope he is with her for the right reasons. N.M. Silber planted a seed of doubt - with Gabrielle's dad being a powerful business man and Braden's dad on the political campaign...he could be with her for the wrong reasons! God we hope not!

Anyway there are a lot of great characters in this book! But Bubbe (Gabrielle's grandmother) had to be one of the BEST! She is the grandmother that says whatever..whenever..."Your boyfriend? We thought you were gay. Does he have a job?" But a job is not all Bubbe cares about. Bubbe wants to make sure they are taking care of their men in bed with a little oral attention. "Look at the Viking over there! I'll bet he gets plenty of oral attention!" You will want more of Bubbe!

'The Law of Attraction' has it all - romance, hot sexxx, humor, a sex ring scandal, and great friends! A great read and a must add to your to read list. We can't wait to read Part II. N.M. Silber has definitely been added to our Must Read Authors List! Absolutely loved the book!


  1. Thank you so much!!!! November 18th all will be revealed! LOL

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