Tuesday, August 27, 2013

You can't deny how you feel...

Reconnected by Bethany Daniel

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks Reconnect:
We read two books back to back with the male character name Liam. It's raining Liams!!! But make no mistake Liam Warren wants his wife back and he is not taking no for an answer! Go get your wife back Liam!!!

Liam loved Katy since High School, but the glitz and glam of his new found acting career sends her running. Normally we give the woman a hard time for running away from her man, but not Katy we gave her a Hi5 (high five) for leaving Liam's arse. Because if we would have come home to a full blown Hollywood Party - half naked women and drugs - oh we would have done more than leave. But we forgot all about why she left, when Liam shows up on her college doorsteps four years later. We just wanted them back together!

"No divorce, I refuse to give you a divorce. I'm not dating anyone. Never gotten even close to serious, and I still love you Katy. You don't get to just sign the dotted line and be rid of me. I refuse it!" He steps closer and I gulp. "You are mine, Katy Warren."

*Fists pump* Please add Liam Warren to the Book Boyfriend list. *mumbling - this list is getting out of control* Long story short - Liam is fighting for his marriage (Yay), Katy is breaking hearts and falling in love, and Krista (Katy's roommate) is finding love with Liam's Co-Star Scott! Did we fail to mention that Katy had a boyfriend when Liam showed up??? It didn't take her long to kick him to the curb. LOL!

But don't stop and smell the roses for too long...you might miss the psycho ex who is willing to stop at nothing to be underneath or on top of Liam again. This was a great twist to the story - totally unexpected! We love to hate the crazy ex-girlfriends or co-stars (whhhhheeeewwwww we might have told too much - read the book)! "Oh, really nice to see you again too Katy. We get to shoot a very hot love scene to day...I have to go to wardrobe and get my lingerie. Black silk, Liam's favorite." Oh this B%tch needs a beat down! She is all type of crazy. We are itching to talk about what happens, but we don't want to spoil the book for you.

Bethany Daniels does a great job keeping the book fun and interesting. It was a fast and easy flowing read. You will not be disappointed. Katy and Liam will have you believing in love.

"Because you are my greatest accomplishment, Katy. Without you, I wouldn't have ever had the confidence to even pursue this life."

Awwweeeeeeeee Liam! Get your Liam fix in Reconnected but also discover his POV in Disconnected.

***Liam's POV Book Disconnected***


  1. Love the series and the two points of view was great!!

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