Monday, August 26, 2013

Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks Whisper...
The reason we are whispering is because this book had us soo paranoid we don't who is listening...shhhhhhh did you hear that? Okay maybe I was a little paranoid because I was trying to finish the book at work and I was supposed to be working. But its so hard when you are at 93% and you want to know what the hell is going to happen.

This book was freaking awesome! But I will warn you - you will be ready for Part II and it doesn't come out until October (that sucks)! I am still thinking about this crazy book - hell I am almost tempted to read it again. Ok Ok truth be told I did read it back to back (I honestly thought I missed something)...#don'tjudgeme! Normally I highlight parts I want to put in the blog, but I was so caught up in this book (both times) that I forgot to highlight anything!

So Amy has been living a secret life for six years now. When we meet her, she was in New York at her office party. No big deal right? Wrong! She discovers someone has left a letter for her on the bathroom mirror. Damn girl can't even go pee without some drama. 'I've found you and so can they. Go to JFK Airport directly. Do not go home. Do not linger. Locker 111 will have everything you need.' So apparently this mysterious letter writer aka "the handler" saved Amy's life six years ago, and has made it his job to protect her. Hmmmmm...I have a lot of problems with this so called handler. Like who the hell is he? And what does he mean, "I've found you." Like aren't you supposed to be watching her???

She is in the airport on her way to her next destination...and there sits Liam! Holy Mutha of Book Boyfriends - we freaking LOVE Liam! And he wants Amy (or whoever she is)! And please believe she wants him too. 'His voice slides through me, and somehow it manages to be soothing, warm comfort and sensual fire at the same time. Not for the first time, I'm baffled by the way a man I barely know manages to be silk on my raw nerves, but I'm not going to overanalyze it.' I love how he just comes in and takes over her life. And I don't care how much my cousin, LaToya, says he is suspect - I love him. I do not think he is after her. I really, really think he wants to help her. I just have to be right about him.

Suspect #1 in my book is that damn Meg. The secretary from the leasing office that is always closed, she can't connect you to the boss, but you are always bumping into this chick. Meg is everywhere but at damn work. That is what really makes me mad with Amy. Like stop trying to figure things out on your own, because you are doing a piss poor job of it. She is missing or ignoring signs that are right in front of her face. Ugh! And the very things she thinks she is running from, don't even seem to exist. The flashbacks leave us even more confused. Lisa Renee Jones you had me pulling our hair out trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

My OMFG moment was when Liam tied her to the door with his tie. I was in the background chanting Go Liam - Go Liam - Go Liam! 'Anticipation is liquid fire between my thighs. I am aroused, wet, and aching with an emptiness only he can fill.' I love how Liam loves and protects her. It is what she needs, but is too afraid to admit it. So I am going to stick with my instinct and say Liam is definitely a good guy. I don't care what she thinks  she overheard him discussing with Derek. Liam is the good guy - she looked up his Wiki page for Christ sakes.

What I am looking forward to...finding out who the handler is, what happened to her family, who this Meg really is, how and if she is connected to Jared, and if her and Liam make beautiful babies! Yes I said babies - READ the book!

Lisa Renee Jones please get this book out in September! And Please, Please, PLEASE let Liam be the guy for me - I mean Amy!

"You have this dear-in-headlights look sometimes that I'm sure means you're going to run. Run to me, Amy, not from me."

I know that made you want to read the book!

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