Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Holy Mutha of Firemen!!!

Spark by Brooke Cumberland

5 out of 5 stars

Review written by 556 Book Chicks Benita (but Tiffany totally agrees this was a great read)

556 Book Chicks Fireworks...
I just want to say job well done Brooke! This book catches you from the very beginning with a fantasy that a lot of young girls and women alike have. Every young girl dreams about being carried away by a young gorgeous fireman for what ever the reason!
WOW! When I tell you that Eric in my minds eye was fine as HELL!! IJS!
At first I was a little like WTH is going on with him and his over protectiveness with two young ladies he really didn't know. Since he had been seen with other women coming or going from his apt in the beginning of the book. But as the story goes you can tell that he has watched and listened out for them being that he lived directly under them. His always being in their apartment cooking threw me for a while!! Hilarious Brooke, I thought he picked the lock, who would have thought it?!
He was everywhere Velaney was, whether she was out jogging early in the morning, going to get coffee, patching up hockey players for school or if she was at work on her night job at the bar. His jealousy was obvious to everyone except Laney at first. Eric was somewhere around her keeping a protective eye! You didn't think that he was actually a stalker, but unlike Velaney, you knew he wasn't acting like a big brother either.  HHMMM, big brother or jealous man that wanted a different label? Trust me when I tell you.......never mind read it for yourself! You are gonna love Eric!!
As he falls deeper in love with her and things begin to happen you just love him more!! Eventually she breaks his heart to keep him safe because she has fallen in love with him. Velaney's issues is always getting in the way of her happiness, but thankfully between Carissa and Eric she comes into her own.

I think the relationship that Velaney has with her roommate Carissa is beyond sweet. Their bond is more than some blood sisters have. They keep the story grounded and life like. You find out a lot about how they grew up and just how far they go to protect each other. How they both came to this point in their lives. Which rounds this great book out! Velaney's past will eventually touch everyone, and you just have to know that when things start to come to the light, OMG!!!!! Without giving the book away I can tell you that her childhood was ...... well rough!! I have to hand it to Brooke Cumberland and I hope that this is fictional. You have to have some kind of imagination to write like this!! You did that!!!!
You will get to meet Velaney's family and Eric's family, you meet friends and enemies, and you will get to feel the heartbreak and the love.

So many points could be made on this great book.

This book will have you laughing, gasping, crying and cheering for a different ending that seems destined to come! There are a lot of WTH and OMG moments in this book, but it keeps you reading to find out the answers.

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