Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vajazzling for Big Daddy...

UNSCRUPULOUS (The Manhattanites #2)                                by Avery Aster

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks lose their minds in this book...
AHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I had to open this review with a scream! Tabitha Adelaide Brillford aka Taddy Brill is the shit! This book is 10 x better than UNDRESSED and I loved UNDRESSED. Please don't make me scream again. I might not make it through this review!

First off it was not a continuation of the Lex and Masi story. In fact Lex hasn't even met Masi yet in this book. So it can actually be read as a stand alone book! I actually think maybe this book should have been the first one. It allowed you to get to know the friends sooooo much better. Like why Blake and his husband are on the outs, Vive and her drinking, and Birdie and her stunts. I like that I saw another side to Birdie, because in UNDRESSED I wanted to whoop her ass. Now don't get me wrong she still did some outrageous stuff in this book too, but at some point her heart was in the right place. Taddy is my favorite Manhattanite!! I freaking love her! The things that come out of her mouth are freaking AWESOME!

Then we are introduced to Warner. And no he did not make the book boyfriend list! Because Warner Truman is no boy! With that being said he made the that's my man, my #1 dude, my boo thang list! I love me some damn Warner. He is classy, sexy, and wealthy! And he knows how to please a woman. Your heart is so full with his life story - it just makes you fall deeper in love with him. But bayyybeeee that ex-fiancee of his is crazy as hell. Rielle (the ex-financee) needs some serious counseling! Like how you think yall getting back together - when you tried to sleep with his brother and your fake belly fell on the floor. Rielle get your life.

ROTFLMAO moment - when Taddy is fantasizing about her dream football player, and she refers to her goods as "Taddy-lic-icous-kitty." I thought I would never stop laughing. She was always saying stuff that gets stuck in your head - sure to repeat at a later date stuff. Like, "sweet Jesus on a saltine cracker, you're a freaky deaky." I am almost certain I will be referring to folks as freaky deaky every chance I get now. LOL! When Taddy, the chronic masturbator, meets Warner - it gets HOT quick. 'She'd waited years to sit, talk, stroke and play with a man such as this. Am I shallow? Abso-fucking-lutely! Who cares?' 

*Fists pumps* Get your MAN, Taddy!

'Sweet Jesus nipplelicious. He's got me. Fighting the urge to tear his white tailored button-down shirt off, she raked her nails over him!' I told you this Taddy is the BOMB! I freaking love her!!! She is my new best friend. But that Rielle messes up their night plans. Somebody please slap this chick - please! Talk about desperate! Warner does not want you honey - get over yourself. After Rielle breaks up their little party, Warner goes on a mission to find his "Red."

"It's not my intention to be a diva. It just happens. I wake up like I'm flippin' Beyonce or something." ~ Taddy Brill

Before I move onto their romance. I have to get this OMFGeeee moment out. So Taddy's assistant Kiki is a Mormon, so she is very inexperienced. And Taddy is well a freak, so she tries to school Kiki on the ins and outs of sex. 'Kiki is driving me loppy, please, God give me strength. Give me one flippin' day off. Just one. That's all I ask for. Didn't you rest on Sunday?' LMAO! Then she gets the idea to send Kiki to meet her internet love DJ Dejon. OMFGGGGeeeee moment - the porn star (Taddy has talked about) is having sex with a female porn star on the balcony. That's no biggie but what he does has you speechless. 'Manuel's erection reached his bellybutton. A gasp came from the crowd as the front group realized they were going to get it.' Oh yeah now you see where this is going. Yes, he did do what you think he did. The great thing is Big Daddy runs into Red again. Whooop Whoooop! Warner can't wait to get Taddy underneath him.

'Big Daddy dropped his drawers.'

'Anaconda wouldn't do this super-size of beef justice. A beautiful  snake hung between his legs. Honey-brown pubes dusted a halo over his hard-on.'

I told you Warner is a MAN! I bet you believe me now. Ummmm Huuumphhh!  That Warner is a talker too. Truth be told so is Taddy, but Warner has shocked her into silence. LOL! When Taddy refers to Warner as "Chatty Cathy" I thought I was going to die. I am so ecstatic that Taddy is finally getting some and getting a chance at love.

One thing has been bothering me since UNDRESSED...the reference of how much Taddy and Lex look alike. Even her and Lex brush it under the rug. Taddy knows that her dad is not really her dad...but what she doesn't know is who her real dad is. The anticipation if the truth is driving me bonkers! I wanted to choke the truth out of her mother. Taddy's situation with her parents breaks your heart, but her strength gives you courage.

I can't wait for more of Big Daddy and Red. Good Luck trying to top this book! Just writing the review makes me want to read it again!

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