Saturday, April 13, 2013

Access All Areas by Alice Severin

3 out of 5 stars (Tiffany's opinion)

Recommended by LaToya Wilson

Amazon Review: Lily Taylor’s life has been transformed twice – once by the music she loves, and then by the chance to make a career following her passion – writing about the business. But when she gets the biggest break of her career so far, an interview with the infamous Tristan Hunter, a rock star with a talent for trouble, Lily isn’t sure what to expect. Even though she’s always admired him, Tristan has a reputation for being difficult...and demanding. Yet Tristan turns out to be just as electrifying in person as he is on stage, and the powerful connection between them is undeniable. Now the fiercely independent Lily finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of sexual desire that forces her to question everything she believes – and she’ll have to decide just how far she is willing to go for the answers…

Chit Chat with 566 Book Chicks Tiffany:
I thought this book was BORING, BORING, BORING! I did have the flu when I read it so maybe I was half drugged up! Because LaToya and Monika tells me its a GREAT book! But to me it wasn't so much that it was boring the storyline lacked excitement (Boring). The book is full of sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll...but I can't even remember the main character's name (opens Kindle)...Oh Yeah...its Lily.

So this Lily is a music journalist and she falls for this musician, Tristan, from the moment she hears him play...and later picks her up off the ground. But their paths don't cross again until 5 years later. She gets picked to write an article regarding his solo career. And their explosive attraction ignites from this meeting.

"I'd always thought he was seriously underrated, one of the most intelligent artists to come along in years. And with swagger. Yeah, I'd always thought he was beautiful. In pictures. Then I went to see them and was blown away. His physical presence set the place alight for me. I walked all the way home that night, miles in the rain, seeing nothing else."

What was weird...well Tristan (the Rock Star) was into the Dom/Submissive scene and he was determined to teach her to play the game. I thought it was too much...why couldn't he just be a bad boy rocker???

What was too much...all the damn thoughts going on in Lily's head. It was information I could have lived without. She definitely made my SLAP list for all the inner struggle thoughts. UGH!

The sex scenes with Tristan totally saved this book in my opinion. And there should have been more sex scenes and less of Lily's babbling.

But it's not over yet...Tristan's solo tour will begin in Book #2. Oh yeah there will be a Book 2...I'm just not sure I will be reading it.


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