Friday, August 1, 2014

Street-Lit at it's finest...

Dog Food by Raynesha Pittman

5 out of 5 Stars

556 Book Chicks wants to fight the main character...
Dog Food is the first book I have read by Raynesha Pittman, but I can't wait to read more. OMG! Do not mistake Dog Food for something you have ever read before - because it's not!!! It had so many powerful twists and turns that I stopped trying to figure out what was going to happen next. I was literally holding my breath at times. Every time I would get comfortable, she would put me on the edge of my seat in the very next paragraph. So don't even think about getting comfortable.

Lawd, this damn Demarcus. We all know a Demarcus from back home. LOL! That one boy who is a momma's boy, not by choice but because his momma is so afraid of him becoming a product of his environment. Lawd, poor Demarcus. Every time I thought he was learning a valuable lesson and was going to come out of the situation smarter, his ass would let me down. So one minute I would be excited about him coming into his own, and the next I would be like someone kill this mutha (shut your mouth)!

My favorite person was...Gutta. Gutta was the definition of a real O.G. He could put you on and take you off his payroll in a quick minute. Gutta was all about his business. And I respected the way he helped Demarcus learn the rules of life (according to Gutta). I wanna tell you my favorite scene with Gutta...but I'm scared it will give too much away. So moving on...

I just knew I was gone have a heart attack...when this mutha (Lord give me strength) went and withdrew all his money from the bank and quit his job (all in the same day). I remember thinking this is bad...this is really, really bad. Anyway Demarcus withdrew all his money and decided to run a dirty trip with Orlando (Gutta's brother). Now Gutta done warned your ass about his brother, but you riding anyway with $340,000 cash on you. I'm not even gone tell you what happened on this trip, but if one more stripper... Chile just read the damn book. Raynesha can tell it better than I can.

I promise you that Dog Food was soooooo good! I didn't know who was going to make it out on top. I laughed, I cried when, Oh Lord RIP to (I know you didn't think I was gone tell it), I screamed...I experienced a lot of different emotions with this book. The secrets, the lies, and the betrayal...honey it was too much for one book. When a book leaves you drained - that was one hell of a book! Raynesha girl you did your thing in Dog Food.

~ Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

Dog Food is available on Amazon


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