Saturday, June 21, 2014

It just keeps getting better...

Pulse (Part Two) by Deborah Bladon

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks can't believe how good it got...
Nathan is back and more narcissistic than before. I was soooo scared to even read this book...I was scared I was gone be disappointed because the first book was sooo good...then I was scared that this one was going to leave me with my mouth open and I would die waiting for book 3 to be released! I am happy and sad to say it left me with my mouth wide open and now I am impatiently waiting for the next book.

I am so frustrated...because Deborah Bladon still does not give us any insight into Nathan's big secret life. It is freaking driving me insane not knowing what the heck he has going on....please just tell us already!

I'm sorry...but the way Nathan dismissed Cassandra from his apartment - hell from his no one has ever got dismissed so I don't give a f%ck before. Then she makes the mistake of asking him if he was sleeping with his new why do we as women ask questions we don't really want the answers to? I was looking at the book like whyyyyyy would you ask don't want to know...and in true Nathan style he had to make matters worse. "Every chance I get." Like really couldn't just ignore the question. You know this book is well written when you can freaking feel the tension in the room. I felt bad for Jessica in that moment. But this Nathan is soooo good with words - he can talk a Nun out of her panties. Everything Jessica was throwing at him, he had a response for, but the way he describe his relationship with Cassandra - was like OUCH! "I screwed her against her against the wall in her office one night and then again in the back of a limo when she dragged me to an event. Both times almost fully clothed. Both times just my dick inside of her. Briefly. I didn't even come the second time." Well damn Nathan cut the lady a little slack, you did just break up with her.

In case you're wondering...I don't blame Nathan. Seriously, when a man is giving you nothing but a good roll in the sack. Which is another great reason to buy this freaking book! The sex between them is electrifying. It's the very reason why Jessica does not have the balls to question this man more. I came to realize this Jessica is not quite as smart as we would like to give her credit for.

I said it in my review of Part One...but I have to say it again - Rebecca ROCKS! This is the best friend that every girl needs. One that is will help you break into your man's sex  pad - one that he is not even supposed to have anymore mind you - but only a great best friend would help you discover this. LOL! Let me tell you - I was damn speechless when they went in that hotel room! Like my heart was racing - hell I think I started seeing stars - but I could not breathe when she picked up that....

I can't believe you thought I was going to tell you what happened. Get your life and buy the freaking book! It's worth every single penny.

~Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

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