Saturday, March 1, 2014

You will not be able to put this book down...

Saving Quinton by Jessica Sorensen

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks this is one of the best written books in 2014...
Words cannot describe how well written this book is. Normally books have sex, bikers, rockstars...something that draws you in and captures your attention. Well this book didn't have any of those gimmicks, but somehow Jessica Sorensen found a way to steal all of my attention. I don't think I fed my family while I was reading this book. LOL!

I always joke that Jessica Sorensen has watched 1 too many after school specials, but she knows how to deliver a hard topic with a bang. You almost have to wonder if she goes undercover and does research on the topics she writes about, because no one can make this stuff up that good! Kudos to her for stepping outside the norm and writing about topics that make us think.

Saving Quinton picks up right where Breaking Nova ends, and Nova is on her way to find Quinton in Las Vegas and try to save him from himself. I loved how the story went back and forth from past memories to present, it kind of tied the story all in together. I kind of felt like Nova did...even though all of her friends needed to be saved, I wanted to save Quinton more than the rest. It kind of felt like Quinton was on borrowed time throughout the entire story. I just knew he was going to overdose and die at some point in the book.

I LOVED how...even though Nova was struggling with her own past demons, she kept showing up day after day to help Quinton. Quinton was adamant that he didn't want the help, but she kept coming back. 'I thought maybe my feelings for him would have changed, that maybe last summer was just an illusion built around weed, but it's not. And I realized that the second I saw him lying in that bed, and when he kissed me, half out of it, it only heightened my feelings. And I didn't see Landon this time, I just saw a broken guy I wish I could just hug better.'

Saving Quinton is heartbreaking, but damn it is so so good. Like I honestly could not put this book down. Every page I wanted Quinton to get out of his own way and start living in the now. And Sorensen would build you up for that moment of OMG finally he realizes that he is hurting himself...and then the moment disappears just as quick as it appeared. 'Or maybe it's just that I'm tired of fighting reality and I'm finally facing my future. The future I don't have. Or maybe I've finally reached the bottom of my fall and I'm ready to walk straight on into that coffin.' I just wanted to shake some sense into Quinton.

My Favorite Moment...was when Quinton finally picks up the phone and calls Nova. I could hear the birds singing in the background like finally he wants to save himself. "I probably shouldn't be talking about you, just like I shouldn't be thinking of you," he says. "But I've been living at our spot and it reminds me of that time with you...I never should have done that to you." I was freaking crying like a baby...needing tissues and my mommy. This scene leads us into the next book...and I can't wait to read more about Quinton and Nova.

I want to give you more, but I can't. Honestly it is hard to review this book without spoiling it. No review can express how engrossed you will become in Quinton's struggle with his past and drugs. But it's not just Quinton that will pull at your heart strings...Tristan and Delilah need to be saved too. But does Nova have enough heart to save all of her friends at once? You will have to find out when you read the book.

~ Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

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