Saturday, March 1, 2014

Finally we get a piece of Grant Carter

Take a Chance by Abbi Glines

4.5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks falls back in love with Abbi Glines...
I know I said I would not read another damn Abbi Glines book after she killed off Jace. And if you screaming spoiler well too damn bad - you should have read that book by now. Geeez get caught up already! Anywho I was determined to stay mad at Abbi and well that just didn't work out like I planned. Seriously, how could I not read Grant and Harlow's story? Really?

I was in love with this book from the very start. I loved how it had both Grant and Harlow's POV and it went from past to present, so you could get the full story. So the answer is YES, Abbi has gotten me sucked into her web of Rosemary men again. LOL!

What I really LOVED about the book...more inside scoop about Kiro. Along with getting to know Harlow, you got to know more about Kiro and it totally made me change my opinion of him. Like Kiro seriously had me sighing - yes Kiro has a very sweet side. But one time Kiro had me balling - yes balling my damn eyes out...when he is talking to Harlow about her mother and how much he loved her. "I get accused of loving you  more than my other kids, and I do. I fucking do. You're mine and Emmy's. I didn't love Georgianna - she was a groupie. I didn't love Maryann - she was just a fling. So no, I don't love their kids the way I should. I only have one heart, and your mother takes up most of it. I don't have a lot of room left for anyone else. You're the only one I would even consider making room for." How could you not love Kiro after that???? It totally helped me understand how he operated.

And Good Lawd we got to meet MASON...Yes, Kiro has a son Mason. And he is nothing like Kiro or Nan or even Harlow for that matter. He is just good old country boy from Texas. I am on bended knee thanking Abbi for introducing us to Mason and cowboy hat and boots. 'Long dark hair with just enough curl to make it look messy pulled back in a ponytail. Cowboy hat perched on his head. Blue plaid shirt pulled tightly against his broad shoulders and back as he leaned against my car with his arms crossed over his chest.' But wait my favorite description of him is...'He might be the only son of the most infamous rocker in the world, but he was a country boy. His big black Dodge truck had mud on the tires and dirty work boots in the back.' I read that and instantly couldn't wait to read Mason's book and see whose world he was going to rock later.

Please believe Nan was still in rare form in this almost want to shake her and tell her to get over it. Like really Nan - how long you gone throw this same tantrum because no one is listening. She is 4 hours past crazy and it almost downright funny as hell. But I liked how Abbi included her in the drama, but didn't make her the focus of the story and take away from Harlow and Grant. As much as I hate Nan, I feel so very sorry for her. Everyone has moved on and found love but her...but damn it if she not a vindictive bitch! "He gets bored easy with your type. I don't know what he's telling you but her likes excitement, which you could never give him. Don't let that little heart of yours get involved, because you're not Grant Carter's type." 

Now we all know there was some HOT sex - hell it is an Abbi Glines' book...let's talk about this so called "innocent" Harlow...LOL! I loved how Grant took her out of her comfort zone and turned her into a little sex kitten behind closed doors or airplane bathrooms or front seats of cars...baybbbeeee Harlow was getting it in with Grant Carter. Baybbbeeee when they were in that car and see told him, "Please, Grant. Let me play with it until it comes. I'll clean it all up." I slammed my kindle shut and picked up my phone and called Benita and asked her if she had this book yet. I was SCREAMING!!!! Oh but she didn't stop there she tasted it off her hand and Grant lost his damn mind. 'I was dead. That was the only explanation for this. I had made it to a place where little, sexy, dirty angels made men's fantasies come to life.' I promise you that Grant and Harlow have plenty of hot sex throughout the book.

But I have to say I didn't like the ending...and I was trying to find more pages to read. Damn Glines left us hanging again. I just didn't like how Grant was a total chick at the end. When Harlow needed him most he went to his corner to sulk and it pissed me off. With that being said - there will be a second book to Grant and Harlow and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

~ Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

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