Friday, January 3, 2014

You will fall in love with Sweet Home

Sweet Home by Tillie Cole

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks swoons over this book...
You know how you purchase a book and then it kind of just sits on your kindle...because you can never decide when to read it. That was my situation with Sweet Home. Then I got a text from my cousin that reads, "I really liked 'Sweet Home,' have you read it?" So then I got excited and text my friend Katie and she had already started the long story short I am so happy that I finally took the time to read Sweet Home by Tillie Cole.

This was the book were all the characters ROCKED, even the characters that you didn't want to like were written so well that you hated them. Molly Juliet Shakespeare is a wallflower, until sorority initiation and she gets kissed by none other than the Romeo "Bullet" Prince. I know I know the names of the main characters are kind of cheesy, but this book is AWESOME! Molly is in for a ride of her life now that she has the attention of the star QB for Alabama - ROLL TIDE! Head Sorority Cheerleader bitch, Shelly, has her sight and claws set on Romeo Prince and she will stop at nothing to make sure she is his future wife.

One of my sweetest moments...was when Molly went to Romeo's first home game and some how she gets caught up in a damn fight over a football and she gets hits. And Romeo comes in the stands to check on her. Even though my friend Katie thinks it is totally unbelievable that he left the field to check on a girl, I thought it was super sweet and it made me swoon. Who cares if it wouldn't happen in real life...this is a book damn it and it worked for the book. LOL! Anyway he kisses her and his luck on the field turns around. Don't give me the side eye it was very sweet. 'Next, Rome was running off the field, ignoring the coach, leaving his teammates gaping after his retreating form, then capturing my face in his hands and leaning in for a kiss.' When you read the book you will understand why I love the football kisses so much...

One of my favorite parts of the book...was when they all went out dancing and she was starting to feel all insecure and he followed her to the bathroom to talk to her and he tells her, "You go out there and fuckin' show everyone we're together. You own Time to be bold, baby. Bring the fuckin' rain." I started SCREAMING and jumping up and down like he was talking to my ass. Bring the rain Molly, bring the rain! Which brings me to another favorite moment (same scene still in the club)...Molly is feeling herself now and she dancing and drinking and now she wants to go home and play. And she starts whispering some things to her Romeo and he is ready to go. So she thinks she can cozy up to him in the cab on the way home and baybbbbeeeeee he tells her, "Decide now if you want to be arrested for public indecency, because if you move even a millimetre closer, I'll fuck you right here, right now, with no pleasantries. Your choice, Shakespeare." Now I am holding my damn breath to see what she gone do next...and I'm shouting Go Rome - Go Rome - Go Rome!

One of my in tears moment (believe me I had a few in this book)...when Rome finally told Molly his secret about his family and why the hell they are so evil. I cried for him because he was crying and it was breaking my heart...and when you read the book you will understand. I can't even begin to explain all the heart ache those parents with the help of Shelly caused them. You have never wanted to slap someone as much as you will want to slap his psycho ass mother. Her shenanigans are freaking unbelievable.

I promise you that Sweet Home has it all - it's funny, it's sweet, it's loving, it's amazing! Even though it seems like the handsome QB saved her from a life of boredom. In actuality she saved him from himself and they both found the real definition of Home. Damn it I am about to cry again just thinking about this book. There are so many surprises and secrets you won't be expecting any of it. And it is NOT a cliffhanger! Yay!!!!

And don't worry Tillie Cole has 3 more books in this series coming out. But I am kind of upset that Cass does not have a book coming, she was one of my favorite characters in the book - she is absolutely hysterical!!! So Tillie Cole, why the hell doesn't Cass have a book coming out????

~ Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

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