Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Caught up in the Hustle

For The Love Of The Hustle by Shaunta'e

4 out of 5 star

556 Book Chicks get caught up in the hustle...
It caught me off guard at first...I was uncomfortable at the start of the book. Why? Because this young girl was having all these sexual experiences and it was kind of weird for me. I almost stopped reading the book, but everyone knows I can't stop a bugs the hell out of me.

Anyway I am glad that I kept reading! This was a very well thought out book, and congratulations goes out to Shaunta'e! The entire book just flowed well.

The basics...Precious has to leave home because her mom finds her in a uncompromising situation with her little brother (uncomfortable moment for me). Anyway she finds herself on the street doing whatever she has to do to survive alone. Iishia takes her in and starts to so called "help" her out of her little situation. But we all know you can't trust every hand that tries to help you. Iishia keeps things popping off throughout the book...just when you think you can trust her, she moves another piece of the puzzle and scrambles everything up again.

My LOL Precious is stripping now. So Iishia always looking for her next come up, calls Cuz to have him come to the club with hopes of setting up one on the customers in the club. Anyway Cuz gets to the strip club and Precious comes out to dance...the way Cuz described how fast she was dancing had me laughing out loud 'she was bouncing and dropping that ass so hard and fast, I was getting tired just watching her.' Every time I think about this I laugh! Then Cuz has to take a moment to school her because she was twerking so hard but wasn't making a dollar. 'They were giving her the same dollars over and over again by giving it to her then taking it back.' 

The Scene that will blow your mind...they were at partying and plotting on Paul, who had tried Cuz not once but twice. So him and his girls (yes I said girls) go to Paul's with a plan. Everybody is pretty much wild at this have to read the scene...I will not spoil it for you! But I have to say when Sonya told Cuz, "I want to taste you and swallow your kids." I looked down at my kindle like say what now...LOL!

You will not be disappointed with 1-clicking this book. So why did I give it only 4 stars...well because it had some grammatical errors. And I think a book this good should not be defined by its mistakes. Although it didn't necessarily take away from the book, anytime I can point it out then it distracts me from the story. But I look forward to reading more from Author Shaunta'e.

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