Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's a Category V Storm...

Twisted  (Book #2 Torn Series) by K.A. Robinson

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks wonder if it's possible...
For the second book to be just as great as the first book! In this case Yes, yes, and YES! I was so excited to read this book and I was not disappointed at all!!! K.A. Robinson has become that author I will buy without even looking to see what the book is about. Just 1-click it because her name is on it. K.A. Robinson you freaking ROCK!

So when we left you in Torn (Book #1) - Drake and Chloe had finally found their way to each other. It took them long enough! Well in true cliffhanger style, K.A. Robinson, left us with Chloe's mom standing at the front door. So I couldn't wait to dive into Twisted to see what the hell that evil troll wanted. I am still fuming over the nerve of this crazy woman...FUMING! Andrea Richards is a nice piece of work and she doesn't have a maternal bone in her freaking body. She comes knocking because she needs Chloe to do her part so she can reap the reward. And if Chloe doesn't agree to help her, she has promised to make her life a living hell. "Fine, you spiteful brat, but I'll be back for you in two weeks if you don't show up. I'll drag you into my car if I have to." Let me tell you my hand would still be hurting from slapping this lady!

But the mom will not be the only one you are mad at in Twisted. Oh no bayyybeee you will be spitting nails at a couple of folks, but can you believe that Logan won't be one of them! Yay! I was over him in book #1, but I did hear he was getting a book of his own and I can't wait to read it. What? Don't judge me - yes I thought he was a wuss in Torn but that doesn't mean I don't want to read his book. Anyway....back to the people that are going to have you mad...no make that PISSED! Besides the mom...we have Drake (Oh yeah you heard me right), Jordan, and Kadi. I don't know how my poor kindle survived me reading this darn book.

Here is the tricky part...we can't really tell you how this book unfolds without spoiling the book. You know it is when one thing leads to another and that leads to a spoiler! UGH! I am so tempted to spoil this book for you...I will tell you what I can! Chloe has an aunt that is dying from Cancer and this is why her mom came looking for her. See if Chloe goes to visit the aunt then the mom can collect her portion of the inheritance money...Hmmmm! Did I mention how I much I despise this woman? This woman will leave your mouth hanging wide open for most of the book - just remember to breathe.

Chloe barely makes it out of one love triangle and here comes another one (Jordan) that wants to stake his claim. Oh but you already know that Drake is not having none of that foolishness! But what will happen when Drake has to leave and go on tour? OMG did I forget to tell you Drake is going on tour? OMG the band has made it! I can tell you that Kadi ("Drake's Stalker) plays a huge part in bringing Drake's past demons back to life. And I just wanted to hug him and shake him all at the same damn time!!! UGH Drake - NOOOooooo! I have to say even through all his foolishness he was still Top 3 of my book boyfriends for sure!

Did I mention how good I thought this book was? In case I didn't, I loved this book! This book will have you questioning your reasoning...can you continue to love someone even when they are destroying themselves? It will have you crying, rejoicing, holding your freaking breathe...you are going to have pregnancy hormones while reading this book. LOL! But at the end of it - you will not be disappointed! Fantastic job on the sequel to a great series!

~Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

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