Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pretty please with a Cherry on top

Cherry Tart by Scarlett Jade

4 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks want to pole dance with Cherry Tart...
Some people are just born to dance and Cherry Kilgore is one of those people. Dancing under the stage name "Tart," Cherry finds her freedom whenever she is on the stage. And the awesome thing about Cherry is she not your normal "skinny" girl, she is full figured and she can rock the stage better than the rest.

'She loved to dance. It was in her blood. Her mother had been a ballet dancer, and her dad had been big into tap. She'd been told all her life she wasn't thin enough to dance. That she would never make it. But she'd proven every damn one of them wrong. She rocked the stage five nights a week and was totally satisfied with her life. Women came just to watch, not for sexual gratification; okay, some of them did, but others came just for ideas to take home, or for a boost of confidence. She liked proving to women that it was okay to be plus sized and sexy.'

We loved that Cherry refused to let a man control her next move. She was the love'em and leave'em type of girl. She had been running from relationships for way too long. That is until she runs until the man with the crystalline green eyes, he is dying to have her underneath him. And he will do whatever it takes to get her. Kellan Morgan is all dominant business man and he has a thing for full figured women.

Our favorite part...whenever Tart was on the pole. Her dance scenes were written so well, it made you want to install a pole in your house. No joke. There is no way Scarlett Jade wrote these dance scenes...without some 1st hand practice! LOL! They were that amazing. 'Walking slowly to the stripper pole, her hand slid along the glossy metal. Her hips undulated and rocked side to side. She twined her leg around the pole arched into it, throwing her head back. She released the pole with her hand and bent further back, her palms capturing her calf and her hair brushing the ground. The leg around the pole released and she flipped it over, her body smoothly following until she was on the floor in a split.'

Make no mistake, Cherry may be in control on the stage, but Kellan is the boss in the bedroom. And their scenes together are Magic. You will get lost in the music and the moment with Cherry and Kellan. There is so much of the story we can't go into detail about...because it will be a spoiler. And trust us we don't want to spoil any of this book for you. Kudos to Scarlett Jade on her dancing - we mean writing skills in Cherry Tart.


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