Saturday, September 7, 2013

Here comes the Misfits...

556 Book Chicks welcome the Hood Misfits
to the 556 Blog

Brick Storm

We were given the book Hood Misfits to read by a 556 Favorite Lawrence Huggins! If you read street-lit you know Lawrence aka Law aka Dolla - LOL! At the time we were seriously going through a dry spell with street lit - we wanted a totally different story that hadn't been told yet. We got all that and more with Brick & Storm's Hood Misfits! So we had to get an exclusive with them...

556 Chicks: We read a snippet of your life and how you guys met [Brick & Storm have a Facebook Fan Page and one day Brick posted about how they met] you mind sharing that with the 556 Followers?

Brick: Storm and I met when I was in group home. Some of the homies I was hanging with at the time knew some of her girls. To make a long story short, we hooked up a few months after we met and thus began a tumultuous relationship between us. There were ups and a lot of downs. I was a young dude unsure of my emotions a lot of times. I didn’t know how to express myself. So a lot of times, I looked to girls who didn't require much of me like Storm did. I did a lot of things I’m not proud of. Did a lot of hurting her because of my own demons.

556 Chicks: Have you thought about sharing your story in a book?

Brick: We are thinking about doing a story but we have to decide how much of ourselves we want to share.

Storm: Brick and I have been talking about it. We knew once we started sharing some of our story that we might be asked to share, so we are still deciding if we want to or not. It’s a lot that we've gone through, both good and bad and it can be hard putting that out there like that.

556 Chicks: And you guys used to date right?

Storm: LMFAO, yes we use to date.

556 Chicks: So we (556) argue everyday over whether you guys are still together...LOL! So are know...together?

Storm: We have an authentic connection. LOL!

Brick: Initially, when we started writing, we weren't together, but as of a few weeks ago, I've been trying to get her to go there again. It’s still up in the air.

556 Chicks: You write under the pseudonym of Brick & Storm...why?

Brick: There is no real reason we write under those names. We've been going by those monikers since we were teenagers

Storm: Well we knew coming into the game that we wanted our private life exactly what it is, private. It wasn't because we thought we’d be these banger writers, nope, we just wanted to make sure what we wrote wouldn't conflict with our real lives. You know how employers can be sometimes, especially with black folk who are doing other things outside of work. So that’s why. We also work in jobs that demand that privacy as well.

556 Chicks: How did you come up with the name Brick & Storm?

Brick: My homies started calling me Brick because it was my weapon of choice, whether I was breaking a window to steal or using it against dudes who were trying to jump me.

Storm: Storm has been my nickname since Brick gave it to me. He actually calls me Stormy. I forgot the “Y” when we first came out, was a typo. LOL, but he gave me that because I was always popping off at the mouth and he said sometimes it felt like he was in storm when I was around, so it stuck. My homegirl’s liked it and agreed, so that’s why I have that name.

556 Chicks: Why have you decided not to put a face with the books yet?

Brick: We can’t put a face with the books because of the arena we work in. I work with kids in a corporate setting so, until I quit, I’ll only be known as Brick. And if you didn't see the picture when Storm posted it, you probably won’t know what I look like.

Storm: Well, because we are ugly, hideous. We look like death’s bum hole. LOL no, it goes back to that privacy. If the time comes to put our face out there, we may, but for now, we enjoy keeping it private. Besides, once you ladies see more of Brick, his sexy will wear off and then no more fans. LOL!

556 Chicks: So what can you tell us about you?

Storm: Let’s see. A little about Storm : I’m a fighter and protector. I've been that way since dealing with being abused by my babysitter. She was my mother’s boyfriend’s sister and I had to learn how to fight against her and learn how to be a survivor of abuse, so I have a lot of trust issues and anger issues but through it, my heart is big and I advocate everyday for those kids who are still going through hell. I love music, and love cooking and taking care of my nieces and nephews as well as Brick, when he’s not pissing me off. I’m a great painter and I hate my job, but I love the rewards of helping the children and even adults, that I work with. As a writer, I like to read and I hate editing. I used school and running the streets, stealing petty items for guys to escape being stalked by dudes on the street that just wanted me to be their whore. So I got my High School diploma at 17 through taking community college classes during my senior year and working in the mall. I didn't go to college until later. Was pregnant while in my last year of college, but lost the baby and later I got two more degrees, just finished one last year. I have an obsession with sweet tea and chocolate turtles and I love watching the little bit of TV Brick watches, with him, as well as my own shows.

Brick: Let's see. Sometimes I can get very moody and don’t like to bothered. I get in those moods more so when my mother is around. I mean, I love the woman, can’t help that, but sometimes I can’t get over all that I suffered because she chose drugs over me and my sister, Gia. I like to read more than I like to write. I have a lot of issues that I’m not afraid to admit to. I've been to jail quite a few times and barely escaped going to prison. I finally got my high school diploma when I was twenty-one. Went on to get two degrees and I’m a child and victim’s advocate. What makes me tick? Honestly, it can be anything I’m passionate about from cooking to fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves.

556 Chicks: How do you prepare to write?

Storm: On a good day, I start off turning on some of my favorite tunes. Then I sit and let the words come to me after reading Brick’s parts. On a bad day, I take a shot of Patron, spend hours arguing with Brick about specific parts that we’re working on, then I smoke a little, then get to writing. On a normal day, after work, I’ll read a little, eat something, and just go into a quiet place and see what I can create.

Brick: I prepare to write by just doing it. If I get an idea in my head, I go for it. Sometimes I have to listen to a certain kind of music to get in the zone, but other than that, like Nike, I just do it.

556 Chicks: What is the best and worst thing about writing with the other?

Brick: The best thing about writing with Storm is the time we get to spend together while doing it. I get to annoy the crap out of her, fight with her, and push her to her limit. Creating with her is a beautiful thing, even when it’s like pulling teeth to get her to do certain things in the stories.

Storm: The best thing about writing with Brick is, he understands where I’m going with my work. He also challenges me. That’s also the worse thing, that I can do without, outside of his always eating healthy organic everything food. LOL, but back to the writing, I always have my mind set on having characters one way, but sometimes he goes into a zone that makes me uncomfortable in writing, because it’s my own stuff, but I let it go and let it be him and it comes out in a way that many of you readers end up enjoying. So I have to say, though it annoys me, it’s also the best thing about writing with him. I enjoy reading what he comes up with.

556 Chicks: All the ladies want to Brick as sexy as we think he is? 

Storm: I’m not even going to answer that….okay, I will. Those of you that saw his picture know, and I can say that’s also one of the best things with working with him. LOL

556 Chicks: What makes you a good writing team collectively?

Storm: I think it’s our connection. We've been friends for so long, even when we couldn't stand each other, there was that connection and it shows in our writing and it makes us a great team.

Brick: I’d say what makes us good collectively is having an open mind when writing and not just getting stuck on one dimensional characters. While I can make my characters the meanest nastiest m’efer around, it takes me a while to get Storm to do the same. But, in the end, we pull it together and get it done.

556 Chicks: It's like someone told us to read Hood Misfits and we were hooked from Book #1. How do you feel about the overwhelming success of your Hood Misfits series?

Brick: To be honest, we didn't think HM would do that well. We just wanted to tell a story and see if people liked it. If we had known the success would have come like this, we would have done a little more research on writing and publishing a book. I’m quite embarrassed by the errors in the books, so, we’re working to get those fixed as we speak. Now, we’re just very grateful for it all, the readers the most.

Storm: It’s still a dream to me. I was nervous coming into this game writing for the first time and after sharing the story and hearing some of you say you could relate, or enjoyed how we spun the story, is just to fly. I’m happy about it, and still nervous about it all, because we are learning and just want to share good stories.

556 Chicks: Is there a person that read your book and you were like damn I can't believe they read our book?

Storm: Yes, that person for me, was K’wan. When I heard he had checked our work out and loved it, that right there was like icing. I’m still in shock over it.

Brick: Yes, there is and he gave us mad props in his readers’ group as well. It was a humbling experience.

556 Chicks: How did you develop the story for Hood Misfits?

Storm: HM 1 was Brick’s mastermind. He came to me, asked me to join me on this project, literally fought with me about it, until I said I’d join and we just went at it. We let the story play out how it wanted and that’s how we came up with the series.

556 Chicks: Since there are obviously two of do you divide up the characters?

Storm: Brick and I pretty much stick to having two lead characters and we talk it out, and decide who’s going to be who. With HM1 Brick asked me to do a flip, where I was the guy, which I thought was hilarious, so I went with it because I did not want to be the female just because I am one and also because like now, I enjoy the response we get from readers who have no idea that I’m basically Trigga. We do the same with the supporting characters, whoever we feel needs to be introduced, we do it and discuss how we brought that new player into the game.

Brick: We do divide up the characters, but both of us can write from any of the character’s POVs at this point in the game.

556 Chicks: Are any of the characters based on people you know?

Brick: Really, with the HM series, we took bits and pieces of our lives along with some characters we’ve known and ran with it.

Storm: Yes, some of the characters are people we either know, or several people we put into one character. Brick has shared that Gina is based off his sister. Trigga for me is based somewhat off Brick and I had an Anika in my life that helped me get my shit together, so she’s real too.

556 Chicks: Will Ghost or any of the other characters branch off into their own book?

Storm: You all will see Ghost again. We've talked about having her and maybe some of the other characters like fan-favorite Speedy show up again. So far, we've heard a lot of people wanting more Ghost and Speedy and for us to bring back DOA, so we’ll see.

Brick: Yes, eventually, a few of the characters will branch off. We have a story that focuses on Speedy and I’m already thinking of master plan story for Ghost. So we’ll see how it all plays out.

556 Chicks: Who is your favorite character from Hood Misfits? And why?

Brick: My favorite character is Diamond. I love a take no shit kind of woman. I love a woman who doesn't just succumb to her circumstances and environment.

Storm: I really love them all. They all have a piece of us in them, but my favorite is Ray-Ray. She’s a survivor and some of the situations she was in, how she behaved, was how I did when I was her age, so I love her for being a survivor and fighter. I also love Ghost. Ghost was a tribute to my baby I lost and my younger niece and cousin.

556 Chicks: What are you currently working on? And when can we expect it?

Storm: Right now, we are continuing with the ENGA series and introducing two whole new characters named Enzo and Angel. The story is called Player and hopefully it will be out soon. It is not a short this time, but a full novel, which is still shocking me that me and Brick were able to finish a full novel so fast.

Brick: Right now, we’re putting the finishing touches on “Player” and it should be out in two weeks, if not sooner.

556 Chicks: Now the, book, author, artist, genre of music (you can only pick one)!

Brick: I don’t have a favorite movie. I don’t watch TV much. But my favorite shows, when I catch them, are Luther, Hannibal, Hemlock Grove, Teen Wolf, Twisted, Man vs Wild, Survivorman, etc. Stuff like that interests me a lot. My favorite book (non fiction) The Mis-Education of the Negro. I can’t pick a favorite author as I have more than one. Right now, my favorite hip hop artist is Kendrick Lamar. Dude is a lyricist and a storyteller. I dig it. My favorite genre of music, I don’t have one as I rock with everything from rock & roll to blues.

Storm: My favorite movie is Dead Presidents, I loved that chick in the movie who handled her business, I can’t remember her name right now, but I loved the backdrop and the touches of Black power all through it. My favorite book is, Zane’s Addicted. I wasn't expecting to like it like I did and it was the first book of hers that I read. It was crazy in how she told the story about a woman with a sex addiction. My favorite author is Zora Neal Hurston, I love her mind, I love her words and loved how ahead of her time she was.
My favorite artists, I don’t know if you mean music or actual artist, LOL so I’ll pick both, I love Jean-Micheal Basquiat’s work. It’s something about how he paints that even now you can feel his vibrancy and soul. My musical artist, is Michael Jackson, how can you not love the King of Pop! My favorite genre of music is R&B because it’s that root. If you have some good Neosoul it’s the best of both worlds of R&B and Soul. You can make some beautiful babies, or just settle in an intimate moment where you just chill while listening to Neosoul or you can be schooled on a conscious level. 

556 Chicks: Give us one word that describes the other...

Storm: Brick is…passionate. He always has been and always will be.

Brick: One word to describe Storm would be “passionate.” There is nothing she does that she doesn't put her heart into.

We are total fans of Brick & Storm and we can't wait for their next release! Stay tuned because there will definitely be more of them to come!

Hood Misfits -

Hood Misfits 2 -

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