Friday, September 20, 2013

Hannah can't run forever...

The One That Got Away by H. D'Agostino

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks get emotional again...
We could not wait to read Hannah's story - as she was one of our favorite characters from the previous books. Remember Hannah is Austin's daughter - smart, independent, a no-nonsense kind of girl. So we also learned in this book that she liked fast cars and football - now we really love this chick!

Anyway Hannah is now dating Matt (Patrick's friend) and we love them together. Matt is fun and flirty and he makes Hannah relax and have fun. In return Hannah helps Matt become more serious. He even applied to go to college...Awwwweeeeee! We could not believe how Hannah and Matt's relationship progressed so fast...we are still WIDE EYED over that. We did not see that coming a mile away! 'Needing no encouragement, Matt wrapped his arms around her, crushing her to himself as he devoured her mouth. He couldn't believe what was happening at the moment. This girl, so pure and innocent, so perfect, and trusting was handing herself over to him. As this thought began to settle in his mind, he stiffened, and pulled back slightly.' Oh yeah we know you want to know what happened next...don't worry Matt is a gentleman and we don't read and tell (sticks tongue out)!

Everything is going great. They are spending time together and getting to know each other. They are on the fast track to falling in love and we are soaking up every minute of it. Until Megan comes from behind the counter to take their order. Megan is a former conquest of Matt's from the past, but she comes bearing gifts. The kind that can make or break a relationship. We have to say that although we love Hannah...she really made us want to slap her during a portion of this book. We think the way she handled the Matt and Megan situation was childish. She didn't give him time to explain...time to sort out the situation...time for them to talk it out. She basically made it up in her mind that it was over and then the little heffa wrote him a Dear John letter. Really Hannah? Really? But the kicker was she somehow got it in her head that he picked Megan over her. Hellloooooo you stop taking his calls and messages!!! 'As the days turned into weeks, Hannah avoided Matt in every way she knew how. She ignored his calls, made sure she was out when she thought he might be stopping by her dorm, and didn't answer his e-mails.' Now you tell me who ended things...hmmmmm!

Life happens and some times we can't run from the things that are meant to be. Now this is where we have to kind of stop talking about the book - because it would be a HUGE - we are talking HUGE SPOILER to talk about what we want to talk about. But we can say someone ends up in the hospital, someone dies, someone becomes a new mother, someone learns to forgive, and someone learns to love! OMG!!!!! We know - we know - things in this book are so unexpected you will be biting your nails and holding your breath wondering what the hell Heather D'Agostino is going to do next!

One of our favorite moments in the book was...when Hannah went to Austin (yes our boo has a role in this book too) for advice about Matt. He gave her the best fatherly advice ever...and we fell in love with him yet again. "If you go into this relationship worried about it ending, you're not going to be able to enjoy it while it's happening. It's going to pass you by."

The One that Got Away is more fast paced than the previous books, and its full of surprises! Hands down our favorite book of the series so far. A big 556 Round of Applause for Heather D'Agostino for introducing us to Hannah and letting us fall in love with Matt.

"Hannah are my sun, stars, and all the heavens above. I'll love you til the day I die."

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