Saturday, September 21, 2013

A little Vanilla can be sexy...

Right Now (Moments #2) by Marie Hall

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks has a moment...
Marie Hall delivers yet another emotional roller coaster with Right Now! OMG lady please stop making us cry. We will have no tears left to shed if we keep reading Marie Hall. But her books are so consuming you can step away from them.

Now that Ryan is finally happy with his new family, we thought everything would be roses. But poor Alex is still battling the demons of his childhood. Seeing his father rape his cousin, has placed many years of guilt on his shoulders. He is trying hard to work through his emotions, but now that Ryan no longer needs him to watch over him...Alex finds himself lost and confused. Until he gets a fortune cookie that tells him to be Alex is on a mission to be just that. Opposite!

On his way to being opposite, he walks into a tattoo shop and comes to a halt upon seeing the Asian Hottie Zoe. She has him by the balls at hello. He went in for a tattoo and came out with a lip ring! You see Zoe didn't do tattoos she only did the piercing in the shop. But Alex could not walk away from her...and she was not bowing down to Alex the God either. She was giving him all the feisty she could conjure up. 'Walking toward me, she placed her hands on either side of my legs and I swear I was trembling like a freaking virgin.' We did tell you Zoe had Alex by the balls...right? 'No matter that she'd made me look like a pathetic boy toy back there, the girl had turned me on. My cock was still heavy, my balls aching.'

What we liked about this book...Misaki aka Zoe! She is freaking awesome! We love all the nicknames she uses for Alex...vanilla, cowboy, frat...she keeps them coming. LOL! We love that she used to be super geek valedictorian (crushing over Alex in High School) and she went against everything her parents had planned for her to be find her own happiness. We love that she makes Alex work for her and she is not taking his excuses! Even with Alex trying to hide his family secrets...she just refuses to let his secrets control his life. We love her and Alex together - their chemistry is amazing. "Sometimes in life, all we have is right now. I don't know anything about anything, Zoe. But I want to be with you, I want to hang out and I want to see where this can go."

What made us hold our breath...Alex's relationship with his parents. We felt bad for his can clearly see she loved her son, but the situation with his father had destroyed their relationship too. Alex could not see past the hate for his father to understand his mother and her choices. We really liked the fact that Marie Hall gave us closure on the situation. Alex and Ryan were able to comfort his dad and Ryan's parents. We have to say that we are still upset over Ryan's parents lack of compassion. But we were screaming with excitement that they were finally able to put the demons to rest. 'Though his words made me think for a moment that maybe I should forgive him, it dawned on me that he was using his cancer just like he used everything else.'

But the book is not all emotional...its fun and happy! You get to catch up with Ryan, Lili and Javier - and you get to attend their wedding. Yay! Kudos to Marie Hall for writing such a great sequel to A Moment.

A Moment is FREE on Amazon and Right Now is on sale for 99 cents.

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