Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blindsided...all the signs were there

Just A Couple Of Ex's Blindsided 
                                       by S. Anders

3 out of 5 stars

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Minding her own business - driving back to work - Liv spots her husband's car parked on the side of the road. Deciding it would be great to surprise him and have lunch, she pulls over to find him. Only her husband is nowhere to be found...instead she finds Axel, the owner of the store. As the two begin to talk they realize their spouses are together. Yes, To-ge-ther, as in having an affair.

Liv can't leave she has to see the affair for herself. She pulls into the bar across the street and decides to wait for their return. Axel has the same thought and they end up waiting it out together. As they wait - sparks begin to ignite between the two.

What we thought was Axel and Liv were attracted to each other. Not just attracted because over the next few days they develop deep feelings for each other. They move in together and everything. It is way past let's get revenge on these fools. They are in love...awkward!!! Then on top of that they just watch their spouses make out in public. They should have ran out that bar and confronted them! But we do like the plan they came up with to show them they were busted. Only it doesn't quite work out that way...

One of our favorite moments...when they kidnapped Andrew (Liv's husband). OMG that was hilarious. 'Axel and Jax started pulling Andrew's pajamas off, until he was buck naked and Axel motioned for her to stop the car. Before she knew what the heck they could be doing, they pushed Andrew out the car with the bag still tied over his head.' Sorry but Andrew deserved more than that - he was a total jerk to Liv. He made her feel worthless in order to make himself feel more powerful.

Liv and Axel's chemistry was real. Those parts of the book make you remember how it was to be attracted to someone for the first time.

We think there are things that could have made the book better. It was too predictable. Maybe if Liv and Axel wouldn't have hooked up after their spouses were already sleeping together. Maybe if they would have got revenge on them and then ran into each other years later. Maybe...

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