Saturday, December 22, 2012

Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

5 out of 5 stars

This book helped us get out of our Christian Grey funk! Just when we thought we would never find a book that could replace Fifty Shades of Grey we stumble across Beautiful Disaster.

Travis - Travis - Travis Maddox...what more can we say! Travis was our new Christian Grey transformed into a college bad boy. But Travis was so much more than his outer tattoo bad boy / underground fighter image...he was genius, possessive and electrifying. It's so taboo because in reality we would never want a man that possessive over us..but in this book we can't get enough of Travis.

Abby Abernathy ran off to college to reinvent herself...escape from her troubled past. She is doing a good job of it until she crosses paths with Travis. She is not swooning over Travis like the rest of the groupies on campus. Her ability to brush him off makes her far more attractive to him than she can even imagine. Travis is drawn to Abby almost instantly but convinces her they can be friends. He helps her study, write papers...she even shares his bed when the hot water in the dorm is not working...but they are just friends. All non-Travis behavior...Travis beds them and sends them home. He does not have female friends ever!

Shepley (Travis roommate and cousin) constantly warns Abby not to get to close to Travis because he has issues...America (Abby's best friend and Shepley girlfriend) wants nothing more than for Abby to hook up with Travis so they can date friends! Not to mention Parker has his eyes set on Abby...and all the girls are trying to get Travis to bed them. Abby loses a bet and it requires her to move in with Travis for 30 days...this 30 days could make or break their relationship! During this 30 days Abby and Travis find out they have more in common than they expected...especially the shared thought that they are not good enough for the each other.

We can't give away all the secrets of the book...but it definitely a MUST READ!

And Jamie McGuire is even working on a book from Travis point of view...please stay tuned for Walking Disaster.


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