Monday, December 31, 2012

556 Book Chicks meets Author Envy Seal

Before we jump into the interview, we would like to THANK Author Envy Seal for taking time out of her busy schedule to chat with us! She strutted in with an abundance of confidence, positive energy and a big smile!!! We loved her immediately…

Envy Seal has a collection of poetry and short stories on her website – and they are AWESOME! In 2011, Envy Seal released Perfume and Cigarettes, a collection of urban erotic short stories. And yes she signed a copy for us – and yes we will be keeping it for ourselves!!!

Now on to the interview…

556: Where are you from originally?

Envy Seal: Toronto, Canada

556: How did you end up in Atlanta?

Envy Seal: Needed an atmosphere change – wanted to have a better opportunity for my son. This is my third time moving here…I would move and go back to Toronto and move again…this time I stayed.

556: You have a son? What’s his name? How old is he?

Envy Seal: Yes, Harlem and he’s six

556: So when did you start writing?

Envy Seal: About five years ago, but I didn’t let anyone read anything until two years ago. I posted a passage on Facebook and received lots of positive feedback and it encouraged me to pursue my talent.

556: How do you get ideas for your stories?

Envy Seal: Based on life experiences – like my surroundings or the people in my life. Most of my stories are real life experiences – turned fiction. It’s kind of funny how my friends / family call me and say I know that story was about me (laughs).

556: So how did you get the name Envy Seal?

Envy Seal: Back in the day there was this one particular girl that was always hatin’ on me and my friend would always say she is envious of you. So I took Envy and turned it into something positive – to envy what I could be getting and to go after my success…Seal (given to me by a friend) just means to seal the deal.

556: How did you become a part of the Bankroll Squad (TBRS)?

Envy Seal: I read Me and My Bitch (by David Weaver) and I decided to contact him (I was basically stalking him). I sent him the passage I had put on Facebook and he liked it. I ended up getting signed even though it was rumored that he had already signed his last author.

556: How does your writing style differ from other authors in TBRS?

Envy Seal: I always write in the first person…we all just have a different flow that makes us work for the team. Chanel (Author of RapStar) and I are planning on collaborating on a book.

556: That would be great!!! We loved Rap Star.

556: What gets you inspired to werk (work)?

Envy Seal: Music. I put on my big headphones and listen to music..sexual music gets me in the mood to write. I love Sade!

556: What did you listen to while you were writing Kush & Cologne?

Envy Seal: A little Jagged Edge and Jay Z

556: What is your favorite book and why?

Envy Seal: The Coldest Winter Ever (by Sister Souljah) – the main character Midnight was just sexy and protective.

556: Oh Really!!! We must add that to our MUST read list!

556: Who are your favorite authors (outside of the TBRS of course)?

Envy Seal: Noir (she is like a mystery), Nikki Turner, James Patterson and Mark Anthony

556: We have to ask…did you read / like FiftyShades of Grey?

Envy Seal: No…I have the books but I just found them boring.

556: (gasps) What??? Really??? We read that book like 20 times or more.

Envy Seal: (laughs) It just started off slowww. I don’t think I got past chapter 2 (laughs).

556: Believe us it picks up!!!

Envy Seal: I will have to try and read it again (laughs)

556: What saying / quote define who you are and why?

Envy Seal: “Our lives begin to end the moment we stay silent about what matters” – MLK Jr. I am always suppressing my feelings and I shouldn’t stand for bullshit. I should be able to question what people say or ask me.

556: Are you going to do a book signing?

Envy Seal: Yes…but the details haven’t been worked out yet.

556: Are you prepared for the success of your new book Kush & Cologne?

Envy Seal: (shyly answers) No…I am having anxiety about the release. I just want everyone to like the book.

556: What do you want your fans to know about you?

Envy Seal: That I am cool as a fan…and what you see is what you get!

556: Advice you would give to anyone trying to get in the business of writing books?

Envy Seal: Do your homework…

 ***And that 556 Book Fans is the talented Author Envy Seal…stay tuned for the book review of Kush & Cologne.

 Don’t forget to 1-click your copy of KUSH& COLOGNE – RELEASED DECEMBER 30TH

 You can find more about Author Envy Seal at:

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