Monday, November 19, 2012

We should write a book...I'm being much as we read...we should write a book...maybe we should start blogging...I was just thinking I was going to start blogging about all the books we read!

Those moments (or conversations) birthed 556 Book Chicks!

Why start a blog and not a book club? Well technically we are our own private book club. We are always sharing or borrowing a book from each other (and outsiders). In a book club we can reach a select group but with our new blog there are no limits. A blog allows us to share our love of great authors and books with those we may not normally have contact allows us to share our fireworks! When we read a new GOOD book - it is like seeing fireworks for the first time! One of us (Monika) even becomes obsessed with the poor book and may never put it down.

We hope you enjoy reading as much as we do...and we hope you can keep up!

Welcome to 556 Book Chicks!!!!!!!!

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  1. I can't believe it!! Thanks Tiffany for all you do!! Love you and Benita to pieces!! Now let’s put in some Werk as one of my favorite author's (David Weaver) like to say.