Monday, June 13, 2016

It Ain't No Fun...

Love Me Through The Rain 2 by A'Zayler

4 out of 5 stars

So the series is totally picking up! Still a lot of unanswered questions, but it looks like it's headed in the direction of some discovery. Of course Love and Rain are doing the on again off again thing! Alex and his mystery man and his longtime are on again and off again. And things with Summer and Jacory are heating up!

I loved Summer and Jacory in this book! They are super funny and chill at the same time. They just plain stupid!!! And I was like about damn time you hook up! Summer is the best sister ever!!! When Love trying to speak through Jacory she ain't even trying to hear him. She ignored him oh so good. That's the sister/best friend every girl needs. Like Negro I ain't got no words for you...keep it moving!

Alex and all his drama, of course had me laughing. I felt sorry for Alex because we have all had a fool we didn't need to be with but couldn't help but love. I just want Alex to pick the right guy!

But honey the best part of this book...Lawd when Stacey still running his mouth about what didn't happen between him and Rain. Why the hell he thought Love was gone let that slide...I don't know. So after Love get through wiping the floor with his arse...Love starts calling around looking for Rain. Summer of course is being big sister and she ain't trying to hear what the hell he talking about. Well Love ain't checking for her either, and he finds himself on Rain's doorstep. Honey this was like when Cuba Gooding, Jr. went to Nia Long after his run in with the police in Boyz N The Hood. He was standing in her living room fighting the air with snot running down his nose. Yep! This was how powerful this scene was. I was like Love done turned into Trey honey!!!! They about to get back together with this makeup sex! Everything is now right in the world.

And his sister, Fallon, returns in this book. It was not what I was expecting or the reunion I was looking for, but honey she is back...

Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)


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