Monday, June 13, 2016

Drama! Drama!! Drama!!!

Hustlin' Divas by De'Nesha Diamond

5 out of 5 stars

Drama! Drama!! Drama!!! Sibling Drama, Baby Mama Drama, Relationship Drama! Honey just all around DRAMA! I could not put this book down. I loved how De'Nesha Diamond gave the important characters a voice. All the play makers got to tell their version of events, and it kept me wondering what the hell was going to happen next.

I loved the flashbacks. It gave just enough back story to fill in the blanks. And Momma Peaches had the best stories to tell. She had to be one of my favorite characters. She was funny as hell. Momma Peaches did what she wanted to do, and she liked her men young. When she was messing around with Arzell and his grandmother came over to get Momma Peaches straight...well that didn't happen Momma Peaches gave her some good weed and set her straight.Then to make matters worse, Arzell arse walks in the kitchen naked. Lawd I thought I was going to die laughing!!!

I also liked that the character's names were different. There was Ta'Shara and Profit, LeShelle and Python, Melanie and Python, and Yo-Yo and Python. Python seems to be the trending name in this book. That dude got around town with everyone. He was crazy as hell, always playing with them darn snakes and his weird sexual preferences. He made my skin crawl.

I am dying to start book 2. I need for LeShelle to get hers. She is always talking about loyalty, but that's only if it involves Python. She is so worried about the wife upgrade that she will destroy anyone standing in her way - including her own sister. Ta'Shara and Profit didn't ask for this drama, they were enlisted in it. And I can't wait to see how their story unfolds.

~Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

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