Thursday, May 29, 2014

Everything I thought it would be and more...

Pulse (Part One) by Deborah Bladon

5 out of 5 stars

556 Book Chicks pulse races with this book...
WOW! This book was just wow! Totally not expecting to fall for another serial - I am totally against them you know. Yet I keep getting myself caught up in them. ~Sigh~

He doesn't do repeats. He recycles women like most people recycle paper. He has a fuck pad that is right above a night club. He can pick them up, sex them down, and kick them out when he is done. He is Nathan Moore. And he is...the verdict is still out on that.

She was running from a failed relationship. She was looking for fun and HOT sex in a new city. She was looking for ways to make her dreams come true. But one night with Nathan could ruin her forever. She is Jessica Roth...and he really doesn't care who she is...

The sex scenes were SCORCHING!!!! And it wasn't just Nathan - Jessica was giving to him as good as he was dishing it out. 'Electricity courses through me when his thumb touches my clit. My hips involuntarily respond and it's all the invitation he needs. He pulls my body closer with one hand as he pounds himself harder into me.' And the scenes just get hotter from this point on...Nathan Moore has definitely got the bedroom fantasies on lock! LOL!

I love love love...the carefree spirit of Rebecca (Jessica's roommate). Which brings me to one of my favorite parts of the book...after Jessica agrees to have a one night stand with Nathan. Nathan falls asleep on her after she goes and spends 5 minutes or so in the bathroom dialing Rebecca for a pep talk. So when Jessica gives Rebecca the run down of the night (in true girlfriend fashion) - Rebecca nicknames him "fingers." But you will have to read the book to find out why...LOL!

I was cracking up laughing...when "Fingers" I mean Nathan runs into Jessica, Rebecca and Bryce (their male roommate) at lunch and stupid introduces herself as Wednesday. "I'm...I am...I'm Wednesday." I stammer as I hold out my hand to the pretty woman standing next to Nathan. But she doesn't stop there she asks his lunch companion if she was Tuesday. Like really chick - just shut up already. Tell everyone you are just his Wednesday night fling! Bless her little heart. But I have to say I loved that Nathan pissed on her and let Bryce know that he had staked claimed. 'I turn to nod, but before I can his hand is on my chin, titling my face into his. I briefly flash to the image of Ivy standing behind him before his lips glide across mine. He moans into my mouth and I instinctively reach up to cradle the back of his head with my hand. His tongue pushes my lips apart, then circles mine in a primitive dance.' Wednesday night lay my ass...Nathan wants her.

My anticipation was building...from the moment I met Nathan, I just knew he was the ex-husband of her now boss. So I am just reading and waiting for the moment when Cassandra finally reveals the name of her ex-husband. Damn it to hell if I didn't have the story all wrong...and I hate to be wrong. But I was screaming for Sweet Baby Jesus when Deborah Bladon finally revealed what she had up her sleeves...but not even sweet Baby Jesus could save Jessica from this train wreck...I was screaming at the book...GIRL DON'T YOU TURN AROUND...DON'T YOU DO IT...

~Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

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