Sunday, February 9, 2014

Prepare Yourself this book is Emotional....

Breaking Nova by Jessica Sorensen

4 out of 4 stars

556 Book Chicks needs a happy pill after this one...
OMG have you ever read a book that made you think you needed a bath after you read it? Holy Smokes Batman, this is that book. I wanted to take a hose and just spray these dirty kids down. I am totally convinced that Jessica Sorensen has watched too many afternoon specials, but damn I love her books.

Every character in this book had issues. I mean good grief sometimes there is always one friend that has a tiny bit of logic, but Lawd that friend was missing in this book. Nova (like the car) has suffered through 2 devastating loses - her father and her boyfriend Landon. She is stuck in a black hole and is trying desperately to find her place in the world. Her best friend Delilah is struggling with her own addictions and she drags Nova along for the ride. This is when Nova meets Quinton. Quinton reminds her so much of Landon, so she is instantly drawn to him, but this poor kid is living his very own nightmare everyday. And as much as Nova is trying to not feel, Quinton is trying even harder to bury himself in his pain.

The most anticipated moment of the that damn video that Landon made before he died. I am telling you I wanted her to watch that video every other sentence. I found myself whispering just hit play already. 'After I get out of bed and take a shower, I sit for exactly five minutes in front of my computer, staring at the file folder that holds the video clip Landon made before he died. I always give myself five minutes to look at it, not because I'm planning on opening it, but because it recorded his last few minutes, captured him, his thoughts, his words, his face. It feels like the last piece of him that I have left. I wonder if one day, somehow, I'll finally be able to open it.' Girl, I was wondering the same thing...when the hell are you going to open this video.

My favorite it's not when she finally watches the video. LOL! They are at an outdoor concert weekend thingy and it starts to rain and they are just all outside getting wet. I liked this scene because it was like for a brief moment they were all free from their problems and addictions. 'I trip over my own feet and fall into the mud right on my ass. They laugh at me and so does Delilah, so I grab her leg and jerk on it, causing her to fall down, too. She lands on her hands and knees and laughs so hard she gasps for air. I laugh, too, then wipe some mud on the side of her face.' But this is also the moment when I wanted to grab the biggest hose and spray them down with water. LOL!

Revelation moment...No it is not when she watches the video...would you get over the video already. Geeez! Besides I will leave you to read that for yourself. I love when Nova realizes that she needs to go home and she calls her mom. 'I've heard about revelations before, when people's eyes open up, and suddenly everything becomes crystal clear. I wouldn't necessary call what I had a revelation because everything isn't crystal clear, but I do see things in a different light, or maybe it's just that I see the light, like the darkness I've kept inside me is dissolving.' And this very moment had me crying like a freaking baby!

Even though this book touches on sensitive subject matters and is sad and kind of depressing...this was a well written book. Anytime you can experience the pain of the characters and you can sympathize with them, then the Author has achieved her purpose of the book. Kudos Jessica Sorensen for making me an emotional mess.

~Tiffany (556 Book Chicks)

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