Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines 
4.5 out of 5 stars
We fell into this book and couldn't put it down...Abbi Glines did an AWESOME job on this book!
Blaire is a nineteen year old Hottie from Alabama who has had an extremely hard life. She loses her twin sister in a car accident and later her mother dies from Cancer. After her mom dies she is forced to pack up the little she owns and head to Florida to live with her dad (who has been MIA for 5 years). Blaire is not looking for a handout - all she wants is a place to sleep and a job so she can get started on her new life...until she meets Rush!
Rush is a rush of mixed emotions, Blaire never knows what to expect from him. Rush is technically her step-brother and he obviously does not want her living in his house at first...then he doesn't want her to leave. Their love / hate relationship takes us on a free fall from their first encounter.
Of course Abbi gives us more than Rush and Blaire - there is Grant (Rush's stepbrother), Nan (Rush's bitch of a sister), Woods (a Hot country club boss), Bethy and Jace (have a hot/cold relationship of their own).
You are reading this book for THE SECRET - that you want to know but when you know you wish you didn't...the whole town knows with the exception of Blaire. And in a way they all want to protect her from finding out, but she is destined to find out...but who will tell her?


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