Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hated By Many Loved By None by Shan

5 out of 5 stars (great book choice Monika)

Shan did a great job of telling a urban story of 3 friends with dreams of making it out the hood...Jahzara, Honey and Tomeka.

Jahzara came from a great 2-parent home, but decided to leave her family behind when she fell in love with a street hustler named Quin. Quin marries her fresh out of High School and Jahzara becomes the Hustler's Princess (to the streets) until Quin leaves her to hold down the fort while he serves a 4 year prison sentence. Jahzara is determined to be a faithful wife and make ends met while Quin is serving time. But when Quin mails her divorce papers before his release and Jahzara meets Imran...all HELL breaks loose!

Honey is what our children refer to as a HATER! She is determined to be on top and have all eyes on her - regardless of the consequences! Honey knows how to manipulate and play the game...until the game catches up with her.

Tomeka is a hard worker stuck in an abusive relationship. Little does she know DeMarcus has his own set of issues. She can't seem to shake him loose...until she lands herself in jail...for attempted murder!

I do think the book was too short (I read it in a couple of hours)! Since there will be a sequel I think she should have combined Part I and Part II (instead of making two short stories). I just hate waiting on sequels...but we will be waiting on Part II (right Monika)!

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